Monday, July 28, 2014

Recipe for Recuperating

I'd hoped to blog regularly again after my last post but life got in the way. I'm now officially recuperating for the next month or 2 so hopefully will have more time to get back in the swing of it.

I'm currently sitting quite comfortably on my lounge, watching the Commonwealth Games, as I recover from the total hysterectomy I had last Tuesday morning. Definitely not something I had on my bucket list, but such is life. I'm not going to bore you with a blow by blow of the whole saga, yes there was stitching involved, but not of the craft variety lol. My pathology all came back clear, this was more a preventative exercise rather than a treatment, so now I just heal & it's behind me. If you would like to ask anything I'm happy to answer. I can report a positive experience, so if you're waiting on the same op, don't panic it's all ok! I feel so good it's hard to remember that I can't lift anything or overdo it.

So I now have a 6 week 'holiday' from any housework & I can craft to my heart's content. I joined a facebook hysterectomy group & so many of the women are going stir crazy as they rest, I'm looking forward to all the craft time I now have.

I have a couple of projects in mind, this gorgeous crochet blanket from Alice:

I've gathered the wools but haven't started yet. 

Note the raggy basket handle, Molly's toothwork, lol.

I'm also still making hexies out of vintage bedsheets, I scour the op shops & vintage shops looking for more sheets or pieces thereof. 'One day' this will be a quilt for my bed. Note: I only cut up damaged sheets, the ones in good condition I use, they are lovely soft cotton & so pretty. 

I also have a stitchery on the go that I started last year. It was a pattern in Mollie Makes.

I also just signed up for this challenge, so I'm looking forward to putting my brain in gear for something new. I hope some of my blog friends join in too, let me know if you do. :-)

I'd also like to take the opportunity to get all my photos sorted. I took them all out of their albums before we moved to Melbourne 4 years ago, as the albums were damaging them, & I haven't done anything since. I really should scan them all. I'm not into scrapbooking so it's all about getting them in order & labelling them.

It's so nice to be blogging again. Please say 'hi' if you have a chance so I know I'm not talking to myself. :-D