Friday, 24 September 2010



There are signs of Spring in our front yard. I wish the temps were Spring like. Today's forecast was for 20C we got to 10.7C.

The pink room has become the guest room. The pink looks quite pastel in the pics, it wasn’t, it was a garish lolly pink, yuck!!

pink roompink room2     


Now it’s red & white.



Thursday, 23 September 2010


I decided to do some surfing in search of ideas for my ‘leaf’ journal. I started where I always start, with Google Images, & typed in ‘fabric journal.’ This pic jumped out at me, not only because it was made using Kaffe Fasett fabrics, which I love, but because it looked so tactile.

This is a link to the page & a step by step of how to make this cover. there’s even a link to You Tube to see a similar folder being made by Teesha Moore.

If you like her work once you've watched the first one, Teesha has a lot more clips on You Tube, including how to make a 16 page Art journal, how to paint the journal, then how to decorate & embellish with pictures, finally going on to writing in your journal. I’ve always loved the look of art journals but wouldn’t have had a clue where to start, (or even thought for a minute I’d have the ability to make one) until I watched Teesha’s clips.

Yesterday I laid out all my Kaffe Fassett fabrics & sorted them into colours, so I could choose which ones to use for my journal cover. That took a while!!!

cover I’ve since cut out my pillows & started making them. I changed a few things along the way. I didn’t stuff my pillows with fibre fill I cut thick batting to size & slipped it in after I’d sewn 3 sides. I realised later it would have been easier to slip it in after sewing 2 sides & then sew up the final 2. I also turned my edges over twice to hide the raw edge. I’m using variegated Pearl thread to oversew the edges. I knew I’d use that stuff one day. :-) Above is the front.

coverback These are the fabrics I chose for the back.

Then last night I hit You Tube again & found this clip:

which then sent me off in another direction as to what I’ll put in my journal. It’s called ‘Junque Journaling’ & it suits me to a tee. I keep tons of stuff a ‘normal’ person would throw out & here’sa place I can shove all that stuff & call it art!!! I can’t wait to get started. :-)))

Junque Journals have arty pages but also are much more personal as you’re putting in pieces of your life. Hmmm all those little pieces of special fabric that are really too small to do anything with, can have a home.

The desired effect. I’ve started mine, it will take a while to look this good.

floor3floor2Paul has been busy too. He’s laid the timber to fill in the gap in my floor. It looks fantastic with varnish. Next week I’ll finally be able to set up the rest of my shelves & finish sorting my sewing room. Of course the smell of the varnish is pretty over-powering so I’ve taken over the dining room table for now. As you do! :-)

Monday, 20 September 2010

Good Day. :-)

I had a very productive day today, First I had some blood tests my new Dr ordered last week, then home for breakfast as some were tests you had to fast for.

Then I finally caught up on my calendar quilt squares. I now have one cut for every day of this year so far. I was months behind with the move, but was determined to catch up. I tried to jot down something for each day but where I missed out I simply put a fabric I like. I also had a lot of days that just said ‘eBay'.’ Ugh I ended up putting repetitive fabrics & circles coz I felt like I was going in circles most of the time!!!

That done I decided to tart up my boring old hessian covered noticeboard. Off came the hessian & on went some pretty black & white floral fabric I bought just for this purpose. I then added turquoise ribbons. Now I just have to find some new stuff to put on it as most of the stuff I took off when I packed is very old!!!

noticeboard2 manequin2My dear friend Helen came to stay for a few days so we hit the shops. I spotted this & couldn’t resist it. Helen insisted on buying it for me as a late 50th Birthday pressie.  Pretty cute huh??

We went to the Kaisercraft store at DFO Moorabbin, I’d looked there recently & didn’t buy anything but I’d had an idea for something I saw there, so I had another browse & ended up with a few fun things.

image This is what I was after. I want to make & embellish a journal of leaves to represent the 4 seasons.


Hmmmm, Hogwarts perhaps????


Not sure what I’ll do with this one. I have a ‘thing’ about trees so lots of ideas are going through my head.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

I Finished Something!!!


I saw a fabric sign in an issue of ‘Studios’ & it stuck in my head so I decided to make one for my new sewing room. The letters were ironed onto black felt which I then cut around with pinking shears.


I made another heart but there wasn’t enough contrast when I laid it on the background fabric. I’ll have to think of another use for it.


The cute little owl I planned to hang in the sewing room didn’t show up against the wall, so I stitched it to some aqua felt. I also added sequins & beads the largest owls eyes.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Twisted Pumpkin Hat

 twisted pumpkin hat for ella 2

Today I was reminded of this little hat I knitted a couple of years ago as a Name’s Day gift & thought I would post a pic. It’s from the Charmed Knits book. It’s the first time I’ve ever knitted on 4 needles. I found it a bit of a challenge but was very happy with the finished product. It’s knitted in a variegated Paton’s Jet (12 ply). It was well-received & worn a lot. :-)

Harry Potter Knitting Book

I’ve been knitting beanies the last week or so & finished 2 last night & started another.

blue beanie

Colours not quite right, it’s a pretty blue.

autumnal beanie    

Rich Autumnal  colours, this one is for a friend.

beannie new

Lots of shades of green & purple in this one. I love variegated wools.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Spring has Sprung

Well it has here in the Southern Hemisphere, though you’d be forgiven for thinking it was mid-Winter here in Melbourne on the 1st. Cold & wet, but today we saw the sun!!!!

This month’s birthflower BOM is up on the website & ready to download.

morning glory coloured

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

He Got In!!!

Great news, Rowan has been accepted into Woodleigh School!!!

He starts next term, Oct. 5th.

We’re over the moon!!!