Friday, 23 April 2010

For Sale

Time to start our new life so it’s also time to sell off the things I won’t need.

I’ve been busy listing things the past few days, furniture, books, kits, sewing machines etc. Next week I’ll list fabric.

I’m even selling my beautiful antique counter. I love it, but there isn’t room in the next house. The drawers at the back stored all my fq’s for many years & the glass display section holds my sewing treasures. I was first attracted to the counter because it came from the old Anthony Hordens Department store in Sydney. (Reason below).


My yummy counter. The miniature quilt shop & classroom I built are on top.


The drawers which hold 100’s of fq’s. The shelves are great for storing cutting mats, quilt stencils & drafting pads.


When I was 2yo I bought my first cat & named him Anthony Horderns because he had a mark on his chest that reminded Mum of the Anthony Horderns tree. Of course it is a bit of a mouthful for a 2yo so he was mostly known as ‘Fatso’ but his real name was Anthony Hoderns. He was a very reserved cat, unless he ate raw egg then he used to go crazy. We had a long hall with lino on the floor & after licking up an egg Mum dropped one night he ran up & down the hall throwing himself onto one side when he’d gained speed & sliding as far as he could. He’d then sit up & look around with a look on his face that said, that wasn’t me that did that, lol.

fatso image

Fatso, Dad’s hand is over the ‘tree.’


If you’d like to check out my auctions here is a link:


If you ‘d like a lovely big house with a fantastic, self-contained craft studio, look no further. :-))) The studio is over the garage with it’s own balcony, ensuite, kitchenette & views over 2 suburbs.




Now for the major item we are selling, our lovely home, it is lovely, the only thing wrong with it is that it’s not near my dd Emma.

If you fancy a look here is the link to the listing:

In case you’re wondering where Narara is, it’s near Gosford on the central coast of NSW, 1 hour north of Sydney & 1 hour south of Newcastle.


I have managed to do a little sewing in recent weeks. I’m still working on my Kaffe Fassett quilt, which was to be finished for my 50th in July, but I didn’t factor in moving interstate when I planned this. I’m also pretty much up to date cutting my calendar quilt charms.