Thursday, 24 December 2009

It’s a BOD not a BOM. :-)

A BOD?? A block of the day, but don’t panic you only have to cut a square a day, not piece a block. :-)

I heard about ‘Calendar Quilts’ a few years ago & immediately had a picture in my mind of what they would look like. I went surfing & found they were nothing like I pictured so I started one in my style. Well like a lot of things in my life, it all petered out after a few months. The following year I picked up where I left off & again failed. Not surprising as the I was then thrown into the worst 18 months of my life, where everything ground to a halt. Now things have been on an even keel for most of this year I feel I’m back in control & next year I’m going to make my calendar quilt. :-)

So enough of the waffling here’s the idea. Every single day of the year you need to cut a 2 1/2" square of fabric to represent your day. It pays to have a good stash of novelty/conversation prints to use, you also need to have a diary to document what each block represents. This means you might just write a comment each day then sit down once a week & cut 7 squares for the previous 7 days. I wouldn’t recommend leaving it longer than 7 days because it all starts to feel a bit too hard to catch up. At the end of each month you can join up your month of squares & embroider the name of the month across the top or bottom.

It’s a good idea to draw up each month on interfacing then you can pin each day in place.

This is a fun way to document a year of your life & the diary means that future generations can ‘read’ your quilt & know what Mum/Grandma was doing.

Here’s a pic of a blocks I started in years past. I will change a few things on the next one, I won’t use white for the spare squares I think it looks too bland.


If you’d like to make a Calendar Quilt too perhaps we could set up a support group & post some pics as we finish each month. Oh & don’t think your life has to full of excitement to make one of these. The simplest thing might be the thing that stands out in your day, like a beautiful blue sky or a pretty butterfly you see in your garden. It does make you sit & think about your day whereas often days slide by without much thought. I know that’s been true for me.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Yule Decorating

Well it’s that time of year again when you drag out 30 years worth of decs & decide which ones for this year. I used to put everything out, it look like Xmas had thrown up in the loungeroom then someone asked me what colours I was using for Xmas. Light bulb moment, you can colour theme. Since then we’ve had blue & silver, purple & silver, silver & gold, red & white, aqua & white, & this year it’s aqua & white with a touch of red.

I even splashed out on a new tree this year. I’ve been moaning for years I want a new one but dh kept saying we only just bought one. I finally stopped to think about that & realised we bought the old one in a sale at GB’s in 1989!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually started decorating nearly 2 weeks ago only to find we needed lights with white cords to match the tree. Finally found some that didn’t cost an arm & a leg & the decorating continued. In the mean time I’ve been making some Xmas gifts that I can’t show here yet or the recipients might see them. :-)




   table wreath

I saw something similar to this in a Myer display & thought it looked pretty spiffy. Committed it to memory & sent dh down to the garage the next day to find one of our many vine wreaths & search for some silver spray paint. It’s hanging over the centre of the dining table.


I’ll use the 2 tier cake stand as a table centrepiece on Xmas Day & Boxing Day. For now it looks pretty on the traymobile.


My Xmas snowball quilt made of swap blocks from my dearest quilting friends in the US & Oz. I wanted to hang it this year & being a fairly lazy person I wanted to avoid having to sew a hanging sleeve on the back so I came up with this idea.

quilt hanger

We bought a length of 2 x 1 & dh painted it the same blue as the walls. He then screwed a row of pegs to it & attached it to the wall. ‘Voila’ a quilt hanger to suit all size quilts & wallhangings. I’m really pleased with it. :-)))))


Our Lemax village. Each year we try to add something new, this year it’s a cute little glasshouse I couldn’t resist.


swap decs tree

This tree is decorated with gorgeous handmade decorations I’ve received in decoration swaps over the years.

RIP Tabitha (Twitchit) 1992 - 2009

Dear old Tabitha passed away yesterday. She was born in my bedroom Easter 1992, so she was with us for over 17 1/2 years. She was a very intelligent cat with a sweet personality. Always ready for a pat & a cuddle, she purred non-stop.

She is the last of our dynasty of cats. We owned her mum Sooty, her brother Tom Kitten, her sister Miss Moppet & her niece & nephew Basil & Sybil.

A home without a cat is a strange place.

Here are a few pics.


Just pressing a pile of fq’s.

tabitha hot

Chilling out on a hot day, the air-con is above her.

tabitha layering

Tabitha could always be relied on to help with quilt basting.

tabitha on the crazy heart

Sprung!!! Sleep testing my redwork.

tabitha sewing

Just checking the points on my Dear Jane block, not her most flattering angle. :-)

sybil sitting on tabitha

OK a bit hard to work this one out. That is Tabitha's face peeking out, she was on my lap when Sybil decided it was her turn. Tabitha wouldn’t give up her spot so Sybil sat on her!!!! Lucky Sybil was a tiny cat.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Simon’s Quilt

I’m trying to catch up on quite a few posts. I’d planned to catch up a few weeks ago only to find the card reader had died. So better late than never. :-)

Here’s a quilt I made for my eldest son Simon. Simon has lived in Ottawa for nearly 2 years now. Dh & youngest ds Rowan flew over to visit in June so I was able to have it hand delivered.

simon's quilt

The Hawaiian shirts are hand pieced, the thongs (maybe flip flops to you) I blanket stitched on by machine & the quilt is hand quilted. It’s 40” square. Simon tends to dress mostly in black but he does have a weakness for Hawaiian shirts. Two pairs of thongs are made with Canadian fabrics sent to me by kind quilters.

I’d seen Hawaiian shirt quilts & thong quilts, I simply combined the two.

Catching up on Birthday Swaps


leg's b'day block

A 12” block using 30’s prints with ‘that’ green was the brief for Lin’s block.

jodi's b'day block2

A 12” block with batik’s & blacks for Jodi.

bj's b'day block

Another 12” block this time a 9 patch using repo’s & muslin for BJ.

eula's block

& one I posted earlier to Eula, black & white with a touch of yellow.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Dinner at the Weasley’s

Well it’s not every year you celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary so we decided to do something a little different to mark the occasion. As we are all totally obsessed with the Harry Potter books & films it seemed only fitting to become Arthur & Molly Weasley for the evening & along with our son ‘Ron’ (Rowan), we planned a night in at ‘The Burrow.’

Luckily we have like-minded friends who were happy to join us for dinner. We were joined by Tonks, Remus (luckily it wasn’t a full moon), Mad-Eye Moody & Luna Lovegood.

First we had to transform our lounge/dining area into a much more Weasley style room. It was amazing how many bits & bobs we already had that fitted our needs & what we didn’t have, we made.


dining before

first we emptied our dining area.


Here is our transformed corner. We based it on a photo below.

 the burrow lounge area

We found this picture online. It’s a movie still of a corner of ‘The Burrow’ living room.

dining table

The dining table.

family portraits

Family portraits on the piano.

 mini whomping willow

Our mini whomping willow.

divination trolley

The divination trolley.


Potions, complete with labelled drawers full of all sorts of wonderful things including Boomslang Skin & Doxy Eggs.

Ron's trunk

Ron’s trunk.

Ron's trunk close up

A close-up so you can see his Quidditch Through the Ages book, his animal crackers hat & assorted text books.


Scabbers in his cage.

shelves broom

Arthur’s first broom!!!


The snitches.

Arthur's hat

Arthur’s hat, I drafted it based on this pic of Arthur from Chamber of Secrets.

arthur's hat

R jumper

Ron’s jumper. (That’s the dog’s tail at the side of the pic). She was Sirius Black for the night, in his animagus form.

clock no flash

& of course it wouldn’t be The Burrow without the clock. 
I used pics of dh & my 2 ds’s on it. :-)

You can see in The Chamber of Secrets the clock has a domed top but you can’t see what is on the dome so I chose to put a pic of The Burrow.



Arthur took this pic with a ‘muggle’ camera that’s why nobody is moving!!!

We had such a good time on the night it was only afterwards we’d been too busy to take many photos of the actual dinner. We might have to do it all again to get some shots. :-)

Actually we’re already planning a ‘Halloween at Hogwarts’ party for next month.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Time Flies

Goodness 3 weeks since my last post! Time flies when you have a puppy to keep you busy. Molly has doubled in size in that time & is just at the point where she can jump on the lounge. We are still working on toilet training & she is teething so everything needs to be chewed including us, ouch! Between toilet mishaps & nips she is a sweetie & provides us with lots of laughs at her antics. The poodle side comes out when she dances on her back legs. We have timber floors throughout & they are a little slippery for her, especially when sitting, her bum tends to slide away from her front legs so she ends up lying on the floor a lot.

Molly even has her own facebook page, ‘Molly Spoodle.’

I tried to take some pics of her for the blog but because of the time delay with the camera they are all blurred!!!! It’s so much easier to photograph fabric. I’ll try to get some shots for next time.

I have been doing some sewing. I’ve made a few birthday atc’s for swaps, some birthday swap blocks & I’m working on a gift at the moment that I can’t show because the recipient looks at my blog. I’ve also been working on the Red Delicious blocks in redwork.

cake cat

Cat ATC, the purple fabric down the side is organza & quite glitzy, it doesn't show well in the pic.

christa's birthday block

Christa’s purple penguins. They are really quite a pinky, purple but the purples always seem to come out looking more blue.

pinky's birthday block

Pinky’s 4 patch marbles.

I have another surprise gift to make after that then I’ll start work on a quilt for my Mum’s 80th in October. I have it all planned & can’t wait to get started. I bought the book “Gardener’s Journal’ by Anni  Downs last week & it will form the basis of the quilt. I need it to be for a double bed so I will add extra panels & some stitchery blocks of my own & some from Bronwyn Hayes ‘Flowerbed’ book. I have a Moda jelly roll of Sanctuary fabrics plus a bundle of fq’s from the range to work with. It is all soft pinks, greens, mauves with hydrangeas.



bright flannels

I’d hoped to make a queen size bright flannel quilt this year but I think it will be next year’s project for me. They are all washed & ironed & just waiting!!!!

Sunday, 29 March 2009


I have a new baby!!!!!

Molly joined our family last Thursday night & she is a little sweetie. She loves a game but when you pick her up she also loves a cuddle & a nap. Molly was born on January 7th, 2009 & is a ‘spoodle’ also known as a ‘cockapoo.’ She is half cocker spaniel & half (miniature) poodle.

molly 1st night

day 2 sleeping

She follows us around like a little shadow. 

Sybil is totally unimpressed & simply avoids her, Tabitha on the other hand has used some very bad language but still likes to sit out of reach & watch Molly’s every move.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

What I’ve been up to.

Well I’ve doing my usual & working on several things at once. I’m having difficulty concentrating at the moment, so I find it’s best to just flit from one project to the next, rather than trying to stick to one thing.

I’ve also had to be on hand to help with the humungous amount of homework Rowan is now bringing home in Year 7. I don’t even want to think about what it will be like as he progresses through high school. I’m trying to teach him to get stuck into everything when he gets it, rather than waiting until the last minute, like someone I can very closely relate to, lol.

I have a bit of a knitting bug at the moment. I really enjoyed making Simon’s beanie so I made another using the same pattern. I finished it & started another, a different pattern this time. Once it’s finished I will pull out the top I started last winter & try & get it finished. Then of course I should sew together the top I knitted the Winter before! Why do I always put off the sewing up bit? :-)

beannie 2

beanie 3

The fluffy edge gets sewn back to form the brim.
I really need longer needles, sounds like a trip to Lincraft is needed.

lil's block

I just finished making this house block for my friend Lynne for her birthday. There are a group of us in the birthday block swap & we choose the block we would like. Lynne asked for us to make our house so I decided to make my dream house. It’s ‘loosely’ based on a house we looked at when we were house hunting in Melbourne last year. (see below) My dream house would of course have ivy growing all over it. As I was making it, it reminded me of the villas in ‘My Family & Other Animals.’



sewing machine cover front

I’m also working on a sewing machine cover. I’m making a large cover to fit over the machine even when the sewing arm is in place.

The designs I’m using are from a yummy book I bought recently, called ‘Sew Pretty Homestyle.’ In the book the designs are used on a quilt. I’ve simply adapted the designs to suit my needs.
I’ve ironed the top onto pellon & have started the embroidery.

sewing machine cover top 2

This section will form the sides & top of the cover. I’m doing a ‘quilt as you go system’ to sew the strips to iron-on pellon. I need to cut some more strips to cover the ends!

sewing machine cover top

Close up of the ‘stripes.’

I also have to make some Birthday ATC’s. I cut out the cupcakes & just couldn't find the right background fabric. Today when I was looking for something else, I came across my collection of gingham. I think it looks just right.

birthday cupcakes

This will turn into 9 ATC’s in the next couple of days so I will have a little stash of them to post.