Thursday, 10 December 2009

RIP Tabitha (Twitchit) 1992 - 2009

Dear old Tabitha passed away yesterday. She was born in my bedroom Easter 1992, so she was with us for over 17 1/2 years. She was a very intelligent cat with a sweet personality. Always ready for a pat & a cuddle, she purred non-stop.

She is the last of our dynasty of cats. We owned her mum Sooty, her brother Tom Kitten, her sister Miss Moppet & her niece & nephew Basil & Sybil.

A home without a cat is a strange place.

Here are a few pics.


Just pressing a pile of fq’s.

tabitha hot

Chilling out on a hot day, the air-con is above her.

tabitha layering

Tabitha could always be relied on to help with quilt basting.

tabitha on the crazy heart

Sprung!!! Sleep testing my redwork.

tabitha sewing

Just checking the points on my Dear Jane block, not her most flattering angle. :-)

sybil sitting on tabitha

OK a bit hard to work this one out. That is Tabitha's face peeking out, she was on my lap when Sybil decided it was her turn. Tabitha wouldn’t give up her spot so Sybil sat on her!!!! Lucky Sybil was a tiny cat.

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Butterflyrobot said...

I might be years too late but how could I not comment. A great cat by the look of things. Not one to be forgotten.