Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Mantle


Happy Halloween everyone. It’s very quiet here as usual, Halloween just hasn’t caught on in Oz, although the shops are stocking more & more Halloween things each year. I think it would be great fun to get dressed up & just enjoy seeing others in their costumes. Two years ago we had our first Halloween party, Harry Potter themed of course & it was great fun. Of course since then we’ve moved & our friends are too far away for a party.

You can see pics of our party here:

Luckily we have friends in The US, & family & friends in Canada, so we enjoy hearing about their Halloween fun.

We got into the mood decorating our mantle for the occasion. I’ll leave it there until it’s time to decorate for Xmas.

halloween 1halloween 3halloween 4

A baby Mandrake.

halloween 5halloween 6

A little floo powder in case we decide to visit friends later. Smile

Monday, 24 October 2011

Mum’s Birthday Pressies

Mum loves fuschias & I’d had this pattern tucked away for years. I wasn’t sure what to use it on, but as I’d already made Mum a couple of wall hangings,  I decided to make a cushion.

I’d bought the fabrics a couple of years ago with Mum in mind so I finally had a project for them.

Mum b'day 1

I traced the pattern then chose crayons to match the fabrics.

Mum b'day 3Mum b'day 2Mum b'day 4

I think she’ll like it.

Mum b'day 5

Mum also likes dolls so I made this one.

Mum b'day 6

Now it’s time to start thinking about making Christmas pressies.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Spring Mantle

I’m afraid I’ve very late with my Spring mantle!!! But I’ll go with my belief, ‘better late than never.’

springspring 3spring 4spring 2

I’ve been  feeling more fatigued than normal the past month or 2 & when my heart kept racing like I’d run a marathon I knew it was time to get it checked. 3 trips to the Dr this past week, for a cardiogram & blood tests, it seems my iron levels are down again so it’s back on the iron tablets with some Deralin to slow my heart. Oh well hopefully in a month or 2 I’ll be back to my normal fatigue, lol.

My sewing room makeover has taken a back seat this week as I just haven’t been in the zone, physically or mentally, but I did make a little doll yesterday, for Mum’s birthday in a couple of weeks. She just needs some hair & I’ll show you how she turns out. I bought a yummy book this week too, as seen at Attic 24. It has a ripple cushion in it I’d also like to make for Mum. I bought the wool today & will give it a burl!!!

This is the cute book, it has some lovely projects in it I’d like to try. I don’t usually crochet from patterns, I usually just faff about until it looks ok, but these patterns actually look like I could follow them. We shall see. Smile

Sunday, 9 October 2011

September Books

Three books this month.


Pride & Prejudice, again. ‘grin’ Sometimes you just need a Mr Darcy fix.

The Lovely Bones, I’ve never read anything like this, I really enjoyed it.

Cloudstreet, loved it. A true Aussie story of two families, warts & all. It’s set in the 40’s, 50’s & early 60’s. Sad, strange, funny, everything a good book needs.

hp shelves

A big change to my books this month, we moved our Harry Potter shelves from the loungeroom, upstairs to our Harry Potter area.


I brought my cube shelves out of my sewing room to where the HOP shelves were, & packed all my novels into them.

They are two books deep & when we get the time, & energy, we will build platforms to go at the back of each cube to set the back row up higher.


Of course Zaphod had to help with the move.

Bringing the shelves out of the sewing room meant I had to reorganise all the stuff that was in them. Truth is, the sewing room wasn’t working for me, it was just too packed & driving me batty, so I used this as a chance to rethink & reorganise the whole room.

I’ll tell that story with before & after pics in my next post. Smile