Monday, 14 December 2015

December Again?

Maybe I should go back to school, time went sooooo slowly then, now it just flies by in the blink of an eye. Now my youngest has finished school, & has just finished his first year of work, it's going even quicker.

The past month or so has been a write off. Never really picking up after a routine colonoscopy, the symptoms the doctor described as 'normal' finally proved to be my first bout of diverticulitis. Not fun & what was even less fun was 7 hours in the local hospital ER waiting for a scan my doctor had phoned ahead & arranged. 16 1/2 hours waiting for pain relief was no picnic either. My many food allergies meant the kitchen, 'that takes allergies very seriously,' were able to offer me a glass of water. I finally managed to arrange to be transferred to the local private hospital where they had no difficulty giving me lovely meals. 4 days in hospital, it is very nice to be home.
Whinge over.

I started decorating the last weekend in November, I planned to do quite a bit this year so thought it best to start early. I couldn't decide what colour to use on the tree this year & dd Emma suggested going rainbow, so we did. I have to say I think it looks great.

  I usually fill the foyer with all sorts of cutesy Yule stuff but this year decided to go a bit more grown-up & I think it looks cool.

My tree collection. Dd Emma snuck the little teal one in while I was away wondering how long it would take me to notice. It was only a matter of seconds after I actually sat down & looked up & saw it, lol.

I fancied having a green tree too this year. :-)

I haven't done much pressie shopping but I'm not buying much this year. Nobody really wants anything, I think so many are trying to cut back on possessions, so what I give will hopefully be useful & not just get shoved in a cupboard.

My vintage stalls are ticking along, I gave them both a makeover & changed direction a bit. Deciding whether or not to continue with them next year, we'll see.

This is my stall at The Vintage Emporium Tyabb, next to the Vintage Shed.

This is my facebook page if you'd like to pop over & 'like' it. 
I only post occassionally so I won't fill your newsfeed. :-)

I have a new charity project I'm working on, I'll tell you about that in another post.
Here's a link so you'll now what to expect:

I started writing this & saved my draft. An unexpected trip north to NSW when my bestie from high school suddenly lost her husband. We drove up for the funeral & stayed on for couple of days. It was hard seeing all the changes to a town I lived in from age 10 to 16. We decided to continue north & visit my mum. After living with her, & then near her for 50 years, it was hard to realise it was 5 years since I'd actually seen her. We chat on the phone all the time but of course it's not the same.

Here we are going through all the family photos.
I also got a copy of this photo, a fave pic of my dad.
Dad loved cats. :-)