Friday, 4 September 2009

Dinner at the Weasley’s

Well it’s not every year you celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary so we decided to do something a little different to mark the occasion. As we are all totally obsessed with the Harry Potter books & films it seemed only fitting to become Arthur & Molly Weasley for the evening & along with our son ‘Ron’ (Rowan), we planned a night in at ‘The Burrow.’

Luckily we have like-minded friends who were happy to join us for dinner. We were joined by Tonks, Remus (luckily it wasn’t a full moon), Mad-Eye Moody & Luna Lovegood.

First we had to transform our lounge/dining area into a much more Weasley style room. It was amazing how many bits & bobs we already had that fitted our needs & what we didn’t have, we made.


dining before

first we emptied our dining area.


Here is our transformed corner. We based it on a photo below.

 the burrow lounge area

We found this picture online. It’s a movie still of a corner of ‘The Burrow’ living room.

dining table

The dining table.

family portraits

Family portraits on the piano.

 mini whomping willow

Our mini whomping willow.

divination trolley

The divination trolley.


Potions, complete with labelled drawers full of all sorts of wonderful things including Boomslang Skin & Doxy Eggs.

Ron's trunk

Ron’s trunk.

Ron's trunk close up

A close-up so you can see his Quidditch Through the Ages book, his animal crackers hat & assorted text books.


Scabbers in his cage.

shelves broom

Arthur’s first broom!!!


The snitches.

Arthur's hat

Arthur’s hat, I drafted it based on this pic of Arthur from Chamber of Secrets.

arthur's hat

R jumper

Ron’s jumper. (That’s the dog’s tail at the side of the pic). She was Sirius Black for the night, in his animagus form.

clock no flash

& of course it wouldn’t be The Burrow without the clock. 
I used pics of dh & my 2 ds’s on it. :-)

You can see in The Chamber of Secrets the clock has a domed top but you can’t see what is on the dome so I chose to put a pic of The Burrow.



Arthur took this pic with a ‘muggle’ camera that’s why nobody is moving!!!

We had such a good time on the night it was only afterwards we’d been too busy to take many photos of the actual dinner. We might have to do it all again to get some shots. :-)

Actually we’re already planning a ‘Halloween at Hogwarts’ party for next month.