Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Birthday Report


Well I did have breakfast in bed. Smile


I did get pressies.

sewing box

Here’s what was in the b & w paper. I spotted it hiding under a table in the Vintage clothes shop last month. I picked it up, handed it to Paul & said, in true Finding Nemo fashion, ‘mine, mine, mine,’ lol. This is a common phrase is in our home along with, ‘tell ‘em they’re dreamin’ (The Castle) when we think something is too expensive.

sewing box open

rowan pressie

Rowan gave me this cute book.

vintage shedmepicture

We went to the Vintage Shed & I found some goodies, including this gorgeous print I’ve been wanting for so many years. I first saw it in a photo of a bedroom in a decorating book, it’s called ‘The Sea Hath Pearls’ & it took me a long time to even find that out. I hope to have it on my bedroom wall later today.

I bought the Keep Calm & Carry On sign & hung it in the foyer.

I was well rugged up as the shed is unheated. Note the cute red coat. Mum said buy yourself something nice for your birthday, so I did. I rang & told her what great taste she has, lol.


It was hard to tell how the weather would be, this was the view as we set out, luckily we were heading south towards the blue sky.

the boys

The boys.

rowan & i

Me & Rowan. We were incredibly lucky with the weather, after weeks of high winds & tons of rain we scored the best sunny day for a long time. we were able to sit in the sun & have a picnic lunch, a cold wind started up just as we were finishing.


I also checked out a quilt shop which we drove past to get to the Vintage shops & bought a cute print, a piece of wool felt & the new Anni Downs book. I’d seen it online but didn’t really know what was in it. As it turns out some lovely projects so I snapped it up.


cardi back

Back to check out the Vintage Emporium & I found this gorgeous cardi. I’m keeping my eye out for some nice 40’s – 50’s style clothing so I’m all set when Paul finds a vintage car.


Home & was surprised to find a beautiful flower arrangement waiting for me from dd Emma, complete with Happy Birthday balloon.

r & i

Afternoon tea & we all enjoyed some gf chocolate birthday cake.

We even had my fave chicken & pumpkin risotto for tea, yum.

Friday the birthday mood continued as it was Rowan’s 15th birthday. Smile


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My Dream Birthday

It’s my birthday on Thursday & I’d really love to have a great day. My 48th birthday was pretty good, we were house hunting around Berwick & spent the day discovering Olinda & Sassafras. My 49th the boys were in Canada so it was pretty lonesome. Last year, my 50th, Paul was back in Narara organising things for the last trip by the removalists so it was a non-birthday. So maybe 51 will be the year. Smile

So if the fairies are organising this year this is what I’d like.

tray 2

Breakfast in bed, on a tray, with a flower in a vase. I found this picture online, funny thing, this is the same breakfast bowl I use every day, with cornflakes. They forgot the flower though!!

Gifts boxes

Pressies, I’ve already picked a few things so I know I’ll be pleased with them.

vintage shedvintage emporiumvintage emporium 2

A day out at my favourite vintage shops, The Vintage Shop & The Vintage Emporium at Tyabb.

picnic baske insidet

With a picnic lunch in our new ‘old’ picnic basket.


& for the first time in a very long time, a birthday cake.

Now as it’s my ‘dream’ birthday, here’s my dream gift.
Pics thanks to the lovely Clare of ‘Polly Dolly Vintage’ one of my fave blogs for allowing me to share these pics. Thanks Clare.


This is Clare’s gorgeous caravan, ‘Polly Dolly’ & I’d love to have one just like it.

It’s just so cute & cosy, I love it!!!

More pics of Polly Dolly:


Polly Dolly Vintage blog:


So if anyone knows of an old, unwanted caravan for sale, around 10’ – 11’ long, please let me know. I’d give her a very good home.

Good Advice

I just visited a blog I follow & found some very good advice for quiltmaking. Please take time to read it, you may learn something. I did.  Rule 2 spoke to me big time.


Rule 1 ‘Make quilts that you love.’
This was one I’d really tried to get across to my students, back when I taught.

There’s absolutely no point spending a lot of money, and much more importantly, a lot of time, working on a quilt you don’t love. I specialized in teaching beginners so they were often choosing the fabrics for their first quilt. It can be very daunting!!! In the first lesson I’d go out into the shop with the students while they chose their fabrics. They’d bring a few fabrics back to me to see if I liked them. First up, I had to get across to them, it didn’t really matter if I liked them, did they like them?
Well…… it will match my bedroom.
Do you love the colours in your bedroom?
No, but…….
Put those fabrics back & go & choose one fabric that you just love.

Off they’d go & back they’d come hugging that one fabric & grinning. Now I knew we were on the right track. Then we’d work on choosing fabrics to go with the ‘chosen’ one. Suddenly it would all become easy to them & you could feel their energy & impatience as they were busting to get stuck into their quilt.

So don’t ever make a quilt to match a room you don’t love!!! Make the quilt you love, then choose a colour that will make a great background for your quilt & paint the room!!!

Remember that quilt is with you for life, you will repaint, you will move, it’s constant, a room often isn’t.


My Dear Jane hasn’t progressed much. I’m flat out with my year of making gifts so maybe next year. I know I’ll never go off it as it’s made in 30’s prints, which I love.

pink lap

Choose fabrics that make you smile.


simon's quilt

This was a very fun project for ds Simon. He has a Hawaiian shirt collection so I simply picked my brightest fabrics for the shirts. The Canadian prints were sent to me by generous quilters.

It can be a challenge making something for someone else but it’s fun working out their fave colours & finding fabrics that are just right.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Today’s Op Shop Finds

There were two reasons I wanted to head over to Carrum Downs today, first I wanted to check out the only listed stockist within coo-ee of Mollie Makes & second I wanted to check out a couple of nearby op shops.


First stop the newsagent who had the best range of craft mags I’ve seen in a very long time, but no Mollie Makes. I asked & they did get it in but had sold the two copies they’d received. The next issue is due in a couple of weeks so I put my name down for one.

Next stop Salvos where I found a nice little tray to replace the one Paul broke. He’s going to fix it but 2 years on…………

coffee setcoffee set 1

Vinnies came up trumps. I walked in the door & saw this cute little coffee set just waiting for me. No we don’t drink short, black coffees but it’s so cute.

books 3books 3 back

I always check out the books & found a few great ones. Love the Judith Baker Montano one, originally $49.95 now $2!!!
I have a couple of cushions on the go so a book that makes finishing off easy is a good thing.
I’d already read a Geraldine O’Neill book, The Grace Girls, & loved it so I’m sure this will be a good one too.
I didn’t even realise Muriel’s wedding was a book, I love the film so look forward to reading the book.

picnic basketpicnic baske insidet

Now for the icing on the cake. How gorgeous is this??? We keep talking about going for a picnic & we sometimes do, but this will make them much more special. Dh is on the look-out for a vintage car & I’m on the look-out for a vintage caravan so this will go well with both.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Winter Mantle


Winter close

Although I actually did the mantle on June 1st, our first day of Winter, it’s taken me all this time to take a pic. I did plan to tweak it & add some silver bits & bobs from our Xmas things, but I just didn’t get there.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Another June pressie

I made this beanie for my nephew Shayn. He liked it as it wasn’t ‘itchy.’

Shayn's beanie

I’ve made this same pattern several times & it’s a lovely chunky rib, & very warm & comfy. The pattern calls for Caressa used double (7 ply), but as it’s no longer available I used Inca single (14 ply), & it worked well.

6 months of making all gifts has gone well. June/July is a little busy with 5 family birthdays falling in a 5 week period. One is mine, & although I did start something for myself, it won’t be finished but I don’t mind. Smile

cushion hexies

It will eventually be a rectangular cushion. I’ve realised there are 2 red spots in a row so I’ll move one.

I have also just started on a fairy garden which I may make some progress on before my birthday, if the boys help.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

June Books


Only 2 this month but they were both over 500 pages. I loved the Chocolate Girls & the sequel was good, but a little depressing.