Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Birthday Report


Well I did have breakfast in bed. Smile


I did get pressies.

sewing box

Here’s what was in the b & w paper. I spotted it hiding under a table in the Vintage clothes shop last month. I picked it up, handed it to Paul & said, in true Finding Nemo fashion, ‘mine, mine, mine,’ lol. This is a common phrase is in our home along with, ‘tell ‘em they’re dreamin’ (The Castle) when we think something is too expensive.

sewing box open

rowan pressie

Rowan gave me this cute book.

vintage shedmepicture

We went to the Vintage Shed & I found some goodies, including this gorgeous print I’ve been wanting for so many years. I first saw it in a photo of a bedroom in a decorating book, it’s called ‘The Sea Hath Pearls’ & it took me a long time to even find that out. I hope to have it on my bedroom wall later today.

I bought the Keep Calm & Carry On sign & hung it in the foyer.

I was well rugged up as the shed is unheated. Note the cute red coat. Mum said buy yourself something nice for your birthday, so I did. I rang & told her what great taste she has, lol.


It was hard to tell how the weather would be, this was the view as we set out, luckily we were heading south towards the blue sky.

the boys

The boys.

rowan & i

Me & Rowan. We were incredibly lucky with the weather, after weeks of high winds & tons of rain we scored the best sunny day for a long time. we were able to sit in the sun & have a picnic lunch, a cold wind started up just as we were finishing.


I also checked out a quilt shop which we drove past to get to the Vintage shops & bought a cute print, a piece of wool felt & the new Anni Downs book. I’d seen it online but didn’t really know what was in it. As it turns out some lovely projects so I snapped it up.


cardi back

Back to check out the Vintage Emporium & I found this gorgeous cardi. I’m keeping my eye out for some nice 40’s – 50’s style clothing so I’m all set when Paul finds a vintage car.


Home & was surprised to find a beautiful flower arrangement waiting for me from dd Emma, complete with Happy Birthday balloon.

r & i

Afternoon tea & we all enjoyed some gf chocolate birthday cake.

We even had my fave chicken & pumpkin risotto for tea, yum.

Friday the birthday mood continued as it was Rowan’s 15th birthday. Smile



Jenny said...

What a very special birthday you had. And a very special family too, I suspect. So pleased you enjoyed your special day so much!!!

Polly Dolly said...

Glad you enjoy your day, no caravan then but lots of other lovely things. I remember my mum having that sewing box when I was a little girlxx

Linda said...

What a birthday, Jan! I've never seen so many goodies hauled in by one person... certainly, never me! I was told I'd receive an IPod for my March birthday, and have yet to get one. You are truly loved. Glad to see you could enjoy the day outdoors too. It all looked wonderful.

Love Bears All Things said...

So nice that you and your son both have Birthdays the same week. Looks like you had a great day.
Mama Bear

Marg H said...

Happy Birthday. I'm a July birthday, mine past quickly as we were travelling. You definitely had a lovely birthday. Enjoy all those presents - they will keep giving and giving! Lovely.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Jan...saw you over at stitchalong...came over and saw your Harry Potter shelves...I love them, I'm a fan also...Dzintra

Jan Quigley said...

Thanks everyone it was a great day. It's nice being able to save the memories by blogging.

Leah said...

Now surely that gorgeous sewing box needs to 'go straight to the pool room'!!! It's absolutely gorgeous! Your blog is gorgeous. I'm just going to have a good nosey around now! Have a fab week.