Sunday, 1 June 2008

Day 4

1st of June, 1st day of Winter, yuck, roll on Spring!!!

No time for quilting today. We went out in search of a rug for the family room & one for the lounge room. First shop I think the shop assistant was simply filling in time rather than working. Everything was a huge effort & when I asked if he had any 'wool' rugs rather than acrylic he said no they'd be about $3,500. I thanked him for his time & left. We checked out a nearby carpet store who had a banner up saying massive rug sale. That usually means they have about 3 rugs in stock but no, not only did they have a big range they had a big range of New Zealand wool rugs made in Belgium & best of all they didn't cost $3,500. We chose a gorgeous rug for the lounge room which tends to look rather like a quilt :-) & a really nice one for the family room. It's a light cream & really gives the family room a lift. Dh actually asked for the best price & the salesman knocked $99 of the smaller rug & $129 off the larger one which was a very pleasant surprise.

We have dark brown suede lounges & we had a dark rug so to me it looked like a big black hole!!!! The light rug has given it a real lift & the area looks bigger. Of course the down side of bringing home a new rug is that you can't just roll it out. You have to take out all the furniture, wash the floors (they're timber) & dust the entire area. Still it's done & it looks great. The loungeroom will have to wait. It needs a lot of cleaning & tidying after being full of all the excess stuff.
I'm still stiff & sore from yesterday's exertion but the effort today was worth it to see the room looking so nice.

I did a little embroidery tonight. I've been working on a wallhanging to go in our bedroom. We redecorated the room a couple of months ago & it really needs something on the wall behind the bed. The room used to be "Japanese' so I had a huge fan on the wall. Now the walls are white & the room is a little shabby chic, with a soft floral quilt on the bed & a white cane rocking chair in the corner. I also bought a beautiful little chandelier which looks really pretty.

Getting the whole house de-cluttered &
looking good has been on my to-do list for too long. This year it's going to happen.

I will try to get some pics up soon.

Love, Molly