Thursday, 3 May 2018

Our New Baby, a Catch Up & more Babies!

Ruby joined our family a few months ago & from day 1 she just fitted it. She turned 1 in December so is just a baby. She & Molly have become great mates & Zaphod, our cat, is not averse to having his face licked by Ruby. Mum loves Ruby & jokes she will take her home with her one day.

Life is very busy at the moment as we are flat out getting our house ready to put on the market. It was quite unexpected, we'd planned to move this year, but had then decided against it, so we'd spent a lot of time setting this house up to suit our needs. Although it's a 5 bedroom house, we only had 2 bedrooms being used as bedrooms, with the others a study, craftroom & loungeroom. A little unconventional, so now we are juggling furniture around to make it more marketable, & of course finishing off everything we had started over the years. Mum moved down to Melbourne from the Central Coast (NSW), at the end of January, & needs a bit of help with things these days, so we are moving to be closer to her, the fact that she lives in one of our favourite places, is an added bonus. 😊

More new babies, my daughters alpacas have been busy. The latest additions are Joy & Cocoa. I've joked that if Cocoa has a son one day she'll have to call it son of Cocoa. (ref. The Castle).

My latest finish, a shawl, a birthday gift for a dear friend. It's a virus shawl, I've made 5 of them now, they are very addictive!

Life has been changing over the past few months, with our youngest now living in the city Monday to Friday, to be close to his new job. Although he comes home weekends, he has a busy social life, so we might not see much of him over the weekend. I guess it's a gentle way of getting used to being empty nesters, something I've been dreading for many years. Nothing makes me happier than having my kids under my roof, if only for a visit. Our new house will be a huge change, but I'm looking forward to making it our own, & taking part in local activities. Luckily I already have several good friends in the area who I hope will be popping around regularly for a cuppa.

Although I have a lot of wips, I'm concentrating on yet another corner 2 corner blanket, I love making them. I'm using Caron Cakes for this one, I've bought 10 different balls, very colourful. I'm on the 5th ball & I'm making it to fit a queen size bed, I'm thinking I may need to get a couple more balls to make it big enough. The beauty of a c2c is that you work out the size as you go along, rather than having to preplan.