Saturday, 3 October 2015

Out & About.

For the past few weekends we've had some beautiful Spring weather here in Melbourne. A couple of weeks ago we headed down to one of my fave places, Mornington, for a picnic. It didn't take long for the seagulls to discover us. They had us totally surrounded & thoroughly enjoyed sharing our lunch. The noise was deafening & they became braver & braver & were actually taking food from our hands.

Today we headed into the city, we visited the Finders Keepers market at the Royal Exhibition Building, the beautiful building in the background, it was very enjoyable,

then we sat out in the gardens & had a picnic lunch watching the ducks on the water. 

Then it was time to head off to the airport to pick up Rowan who has spent 2 weeks away. The first week doing a work course in Sydney, the 2nd week visiting my Mum on the Central Coast. It is wonderful to have him home again!

I've lived in Melbourne for a little over 5 years now & I've seen so little, agoraphobia has kept me housebound for as long as I can remember, & I've decided I've had enough & I'm really going to push myself to go places! Next weekend I'm hoping to go to the Miss Fisher Exhibition at Ripponlea. I managed to get there last year & it was fabulous, I'd love to go again.