Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Mantle


Happy Halloween everyone. It’s very quiet here as usual, Halloween just hasn’t caught on in Oz, although the shops are stocking more & more Halloween things each year. I think it would be great fun to get dressed up & just enjoy seeing others in their costumes. Two years ago we had our first Halloween party, Harry Potter themed of course & it was great fun. Of course since then we’ve moved & our friends are too far away for a party.

You can see pics of our party here:

Luckily we have friends in The US, & family & friends in Canada, so we enjoy hearing about their Halloween fun.

We got into the mood decorating our mantle for the occasion. I’ll leave it there until it’s time to decorate for Xmas.

halloween 1halloween 3halloween 4

A baby Mandrake.

halloween 5halloween 6

A little floo powder in case we decide to visit friends later. Smile


Sweet Pea said...

Ha, ha, I had to google floo powder (not being a HP fan!) Loving your mantle once more. And (sad face) I forgot to put balloons out front for neighbourhood kids to know to stop by for trick or treating! Your right...we're a bit slow here down under. No matter...there's always next year! Happy Halloween.

Love Bears All Things said...

I've seen all the HP movies and even own them but still had to look up Floo powder. I just wasn't connecting...too early in the morning.
I love your mantle and especially your little quilt.
Mama Bear

Polly Dolly said...

Love the decorations. I used to go mad when the girls were little with decorations and parties. I,m sure the trick or treaters will be out in another hour or so. I have no idea what floo powder as believe it not I do not know anything about Harry Potter, through choice though its just not my thing. xx

Jan Quigley said...

Thanks ladies. We ended up with 9 trick or treaters, nothing like my friends in the US have but good for us. Maybe next year we'll get more.
I just love Harry Potter the greatest escape story I've ever read. Clare you step into your fireplace with a handfull of floo powder, throw it into the fire & clearly state where you'd like to go. You will rush through the floo network & come out through another fireplace, quite often covered in soot, lol.