Friday, 14 October 2011

Spring Mantle

I’m afraid I’ve very late with my Spring mantle!!! But I’ll go with my belief, ‘better late than never.’

springspring 3spring 4spring 2

I’ve been  feeling more fatigued than normal the past month or 2 & when my heart kept racing like I’d run a marathon I knew it was time to get it checked. 3 trips to the Dr this past week, for a cardiogram & blood tests, it seems my iron levels are down again so it’s back on the iron tablets with some Deralin to slow my heart. Oh well hopefully in a month or 2 I’ll be back to my normal fatigue, lol.

My sewing room makeover has taken a back seat this week as I just haven’t been in the zone, physically or mentally, but I did make a little doll yesterday, for Mum’s birthday in a couple of weeks. She just needs some hair & I’ll show you how she turns out. I bought a yummy book this week too, as seen at Attic 24. It has a ripple cushion in it I’d also like to make for Mum. I bought the wool today & will give it a burl!!!

This is the cute book, it has some lovely projects in it I’d like to try. I don’t usually crochet from patterns, I usually just faff about until it looks ok, but these patterns actually look like I could follow them. We shall see. Smile


Sweet Pea said...

Nice to see one of your mantles again, Jan. Spring has been a little slow in my part of the world...more like autumn.
Sorry to hear that you've not been well. Hope you're fatigue lifts soon.

Jan Quigley said...

Thanks Sweet Pea, yes ditto the lack of Spring here in Melbourne. Today was lovely & sunny & warm so I decided it was time to get the mantle finished & blogged. Thanks yes hopefully I will have some more energy soon. I have so much I want to do it's frustrating just sitting around feeling blah all the time. :-)

Linda said...

Hi Jan! I would have guessed that with fatigue and a racing heart you'd have hypothyroidism... as I have recently been diagnosed with. A racing heart was my symptom, but a blood test showed the thyroid problem. Still, i still had a 48-hour Holter monitor of my heart, and an electrocardiogram. All's well with my ticker. Thanks to drugs I'm feeling fine, though I'm in severe withdrawal due to the doc's orders "No more caffeine." Argh!

Jan Quigley said...

I thought thyroid too Linda, I've had Hashimoto's Thyroiditis for over 20 years now, that's the fancy name for my goitre, but my thyroid results were still fine. When I checked thyroid symptoms are very similar to anaemia. I've had chronic anaemia since I was a child but the symptoms sort of creep up slowly so I don't notice. The racing heart is a new one though. I'm glad you got the all clear with your heart & a diagnosis that can be treated well.