Sunday, 6 December 2009

Simon’s Quilt

I’m trying to catch up on quite a few posts. I’d planned to catch up a few weeks ago only to find the card reader had died. So better late than never. :-)

Here’s a quilt I made for my eldest son Simon. Simon has lived in Ottawa for nearly 2 years now. Dh & youngest ds Rowan flew over to visit in June so I was able to have it hand delivered.

simon's quilt

The Hawaiian shirts are hand pieced, the thongs (maybe flip flops to you) I blanket stitched on by machine & the quilt is hand quilted. It’s 40” square. Simon tends to dress mostly in black but he does have a weakness for Hawaiian shirts. Two pairs of thongs are made with Canadian fabrics sent to me by kind quilters.

I’d seen Hawaiian shirt quilts & thong quilts, I simply combined the two.

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