Sunday, 29 March 2009


I have a new baby!!!!!

Molly joined our family last Thursday night & she is a little sweetie. She loves a game but when you pick her up she also loves a cuddle & a nap. Molly was born on January 7th, 2009 & is a ‘spoodle’ also known as a ‘cockapoo.’ She is half cocker spaniel & half (miniature) poodle.

molly 1st night

day 2 sleeping

She follows us around like a little shadow. 

Sybil is totally unimpressed & simply avoids her, Tabitha on the other hand has used some very bad language but still likes to sit out of reach & watch Molly’s every move.


Jenny F said...

Molly is just beautiful and I am sure will settle in beautifully with the other family members - they might need a little more time LOL
Jenny F

Jane said...

Oh but she is wonderful.
We had cocker spaniels all the time when I was a child and early them.
Spoodles might have a bit more road sense.
Purrs of approval from Moggie.