Saturday, 11 September 2010

Twisted Pumpkin Hat

 twisted pumpkin hat for ella 2

Today I was reminded of this little hat I knitted a couple of years ago as a Name’s Day gift & thought I would post a pic. It’s from the Charmed Knits book. It’s the first time I’ve ever knitted on 4 needles. I found it a bit of a challenge but was very happy with the finished product. It’s knitted in a variegated Paton’s Jet (12 ply). It was well-received & worn a lot. :-)

Harry Potter Knitting Book

I’ve been knitting beanies the last week or so & finished 2 last night & started another.

blue beanie

Colours not quite right, it’s a pretty blue.

autumnal beanie    

Rich Autumnal  colours, this one is for a friend.

beannie new

Lots of shades of green & purple in this one. I love variegated wools.

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