Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mum's Birthday Pressie

    It's hard to believe that mum turns 85 next Monday. If you met her you'd think she was much younger, she is as sharp as a pin & still very independent. As happens every year i racked my brain to think of the right present. I asked a facebook quilt group for suggestions & one clever lady suggested a bag for mum's walker, if she has one. She does, not because she's doddery, but because she has hammer toes, the result of hand-me-down shoes. As one of 9 children, & the youngest of 5 girls growing up through the depression, it's not surprising. 

    Unfortunately mum lives 1000 kms from me, so I couldn't pop in for a visit to measure up the walker, I asked my nephew to take some pics while he was visiting & I had to wing it. He tells me mum isn't using the walker so I'm hoping this will encourage her! With this in mind I decided not to go with something pretty, but something cute, oh & the walker is red which immediately meant red, black & white to me. I hope she likes it.

It's 10" square, I used lightweight pellon to give it some body & some medium weight interfacing in the base. The pocket is for her keys so they are easy to find.  I sewed on red webbing to tie the bag to the walker.

I sent mum a photo album a couple of years ago with family pics in & I'm printing some more to send.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Clare's Craft Challenge #2

This finish came down to the wire as I was waiting for a nice warm day to paint the chair. I did get it undercoated a couple of weeks ago, but the weather since has been cold with a lot of wet. Anyhoo yesterday was lovely & I got the 2 top coats on. Today I covered the cushion, yes I could have done that anytime but.........:-)

Here are the two challenge photos that Clare sent me:

Here's what I started with:

So here is my tah-dah, all done & I'm very pleased with it. I would have used the darker blue if I'd have any, but I'm on another challenge of using what I have, & this is the darkest blue I had in a sample pot. The blue flower is actually quite close to the blue grey, it looks brighter in the pic.

& yes even under the cushion is finished. :-)
It also kick started a lot of furniture painting because I have a stall at a car boot sale early in November, so this is my chance to hopefully clear a lot of excess stuff from the garage. I have a dream that one day I'll be able to park at least one car in the garage.

I will blog some furniture pics in the next week or so. Right now I have been nominated by my friend Abby:
to take part in the Around the World Blog Hop, so I have another post to write. If you would like to be nominated please let me know in a comment.

Don't forget to pop over to Clare's blog:
to check out the other challenge projects, I'm on my way now!