Friday, 12 February 2010

What a great week!!!!!

Things have been pretty subdued around here, our plans to move to Melbourne seem to be going pear-shaped at every opportunity & we’ve been feeling a bit ‘over-it.’ We’ve managed to sort out quite a few rooms & have them ready for selling but others ie. the craft/hobby/office looks like several bombs have hit. Motivation is hard to find at times like this.

So Tuesday morning & as always I’m sleeping late when the dog starts barking & I hear Paul go to the front door. He’s saying. ‘Come on in,’ & walks down the hall & opens the bedroom door. Of course I’m thinking, who on earth is he bringing into the bedroom??? You could have knocked me down with a feather, if I hadn’t been lying down, it’s our lovely son Simon!!!! He’s been living in Ottawa for just over 2 years & I had no idea he was heading home for a visit. WOW!!! He’d come home to go to his cousin’s wedding the following morning, to catch up with friends & attend another wedding the end of April. So we’ll be home base for 7 weeks. How cool is that???? Luckily Paul & I had already started moving my sewing stuff in from Simon’s bedsit & we’d even set up his bed getting the house set up to sell with no idea he was coming to visit. He had a nap after a very long trip & a 2 hour fiasco with customs while we took the chance to grab all my other stuff out, give the rooms a good going over & get it ready. It looks great. It’s amazing what you can achieve in a short period of time. Of course all that extra stuff had to go somewhere so my sewing area needs just a ‘little’ work to get it sorted. :-))) If I’d turned around & taken it from the other angle you’d see the piles of boxes & loose stuff. The background is dh’s ‘office’ which is still a wip. OK my challenge is to have this straight & sorted by next Friday!!


Wednesday morning we woke to a beautiful blue sky after weeks of overcast & rain & headed out to the wedding on North Avoca Beach. It was hot but there was a lovely cool breeze to stop us melting. I’d never been to a beach wedding before & I have to say it was the best wedding I’ve ever been to. The service was the nicest I’d ever heard & everything went without a hitch. Here are a few shots so you can appreciate how lovely the setting & the couple are.


The beautiful bride, Yun Mi.


Yun Mi & Shayn.


With Yun Mi’s parents. They flew out from Korea for the wedding with their son & his wife. They are a lovely family. The service was in English & Korean, after Shayn spoke his vows in Korean, Yun Mi’s dad gave him the thumbs up!!!

Shayn has travelled for many years, he lived in Korea for a couple of years teaching English & he was lucky enough to meet Yun Mi.


Isn’t she beautiful!!!!

DSC03143Simon with the happy couple. They didn’t have attendants, Simon & Yun Mi’s brother were the witness’s.


Rowan & my Mum. This was Rowan’s 1st wedding.

Sewing wise I’ve been working away at my hand pieced Kaffe Fassett project. I have quite a stack of blocks done but there’s still a long way to go. All the ‘missing’ triangles have to be cut yet. They’ll all be different Kaffe fabrics. I’ve built up quite a collection over the years.




The photo doesn’t do the fabrics justice, they are so vibrant!!!!


We had a long awaited Dr’s appointment this week too for Rowan. He’s had the blood test to see if he may have Coeliac Disease or definitely does not. Well he doesn’t have the gene that causes it so yippee. He does however have some gut issues so he will be on a gf diet for a few months to get things back on track & he will be having vitamin & mineral supplements to make up for some absorption problems. All very positive. We checked out the supermarket this afternoon & stocked up on lots of gluten free products. Things were very different when I was diagnosed with CD 25 years ago!!!! Many of the products have too much fat for my diet but they are fine for Rowan who needs to gain weight.

Molly finally had a long overdue trip to the beauty parlour & we are still getting used to the new sleek little dog that replaced our walking rug. :-) I’m sure she feels much cooler. She thinks Simon is the best thing since sliced bread but he’s over her licky, kissy adoration. We rarely manage to get a non-blurry shot of Moll as she’s always on the go!!!



Just a quick note about the Calendar Quilt Girls I started as a blog, it hasn’t been working easily for the ladies involved so I’ve now turned it into a Yahoo group. Thanks Eileen for the idea. I only did it yesterday & already it’s worth it’s weight in gold as now we can chat easily & upload photos without any hassles. Anyone is welcome to join. I’m imagining it will be a fairly laid back group with few, if any rules. We are already talking about having a charm swap to increase our stash of calendar suitable fabrics. Here is the link:

I think this is the best & busiest week I’ve had for a while. :-)))




Jenny said...

How wonderful to have your son home from overseas - what a great surprise. Love the quilt, hope to see it again with the triangles added sometime.

cinzia said...

What a busy week. Radiant bride and beautiful family shots to remember the day.

Jan Quigley said...

I'm hoping I can reply via the 'leave a comment!!!'
Thanks Jenny, it was the best surprise ever!!! The plan is to have the quilt finished & on my bed for my 50th birthday, July 14th. Yesterday was the first time I'd laid the blocks out, they nearly covered the bed. I need to work out exactly how many more I need.
Thanks Cinzia it was the first time we'd been together for quite a while & luckily I spent time with my daughter in Melbourne last month.

Jan Quigley said...

I approved 4 comments & 2 disappeared??? I've turned off the moderated comment thing. I've never had spammers so hopefully that will continue. Sorry to those who have disappeared into the ether!!!!!

Ozjane said...

Wedding looks delightful and Melbourne is worth the trouble. Keep looking and do not despair.
Do you have to be close to somewhere in particular for work?

Jan Quigley said...

Hi Ozjane, no we can live anywhere. We started looking in Berwick, then the Dandenongs around Kallista, now we leaning towards the Mornington Peninsula, maybe Mt Martha or thereabouts. We want to be within 30 - 40 mins of our dd in Glen Iris & we need to be near a good high school for ds#2. We will get there, & it will be such a relief to have this time behind us!!! :-)))