Monday, 1 March 2010

Autumn is here & so is the latest Birth Flower.

Can it really be March already??? I guess the fact that I’ve been glued to the Olympic Games since Day 1 accounts for a lot of February. 2 golds & a silver for the Aussies, how fantastic is that???I’m just enjoying the closing ceremony & already looking forward to London 2012. I have to say though, I prefer the Winter Olympics to the Summer. I now have some lovely friends in Canada, thanks to Simon living there, so I’ve loved getting a taste of Canada & supporting them when the Aussies weren’t competing. Rowan sings the Canadian National Anthem each time they get a gold & sat waving his Canadian flag while watching the Canada/USA men’s ice hockey game. I’m guessing he’ll be off to live there in the not too distant future!!!  I absolutely loved the Canadian Moose sweaters so Rowan has started a facebook page for them. Please feel free to join. :-)))

& yes of course we joined the Norwegian Curling pants page.

Being March 1 the next instalment of the Birth Flower BOM is now available on our website.

march daffodil YES col

Please send me pics of any completed blocks, I’d love to see them!!!



Linda said...

We went a bit Olympics-crazy here too, glueing our eyes on curling. What an interesting sport, huh? We were behind the Swedish women and they took the gold!

So I'm curious. If the USA had beaten Canada in hockey, would Rowan be off to live in the US in the future? (giggle)

Jan Quigley said...

Lol, no his obsession with Canada is because his brother Simon lives there. He moved to Ottawa Jan. 08. Paul & Rowan went over last July to visit & they met all Simon's friends. Rowan became one of the gang even though he's just 13, he even joined their trivia team. Simon is out here at the moment but flies back next month & plans to apply for citizenship. I know Rowan is itching to be over there with him.
Yes we enjoyed the curling too, I'd love to give it a go. It's about the only Olympic sport I think I could manage.