Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Square Eyes!!!!

I’m sure ds & I have square eyes, we’ve watched so much tv lately. I’ve been listing everything that doesn’t move on eBay so it’s good to have something interesting to watch while listing. Listing is such a yawn!!!! At least he’s getting some English history he’s had a taste of the Regency Period, post WW1, the 1950’s & the 1960’s.

The boys bought me the boxed set of Coronation Street in the 1960’s for my last birthday & we finally watched it, all 7 dvd’s!!! Mother’s Day I got some great dvd’s, I chose well, lol. I got Pride & Prejudice, Lilies & a boxed set of 4 Agatha Christie movies. I especially wanted the 1980 version of the Mirror Crack’d with Angela Lansbury.

image Pride and Prejudice DVD graphics - copy Pride and Prejudice DVD


Mum came over for Mother’s Day & gave me a pressie, though she insisted it wasn’t for Mother’s Day. Two crocheted rugs, both very pretty. The temps have dropped so I was glad of the extra warmth. Of course Rowan pinched the bright one when I went in for a shower so I go the other one out.




Linda said...

Thanks for sharing some DVDs you like. I'll see if I can find any of them at our library here in the US.

Mum did a gorgeous job with those afghans. They're so pretty!

Jan Quigley said...

Thanks Linda. Mum is always knitting or crocheting, her eyesight is failing due to macular degeneration, but as she's knitted all her life, she doesn't need to look. I taught her to quilt & she made some lovely quilts, all hand pieced, but she can't see to sew now.
cheers, Jan