Friday, 20 August 2010

Life is good!!

Is it just me or are the weeks just flying past??? I guess because I’m so busy & happy :-) the time just flies.

I finally made it to the Carrum Downs monthly quilt group. It was great, the ladies are very friendly, I’d met a couple of them a few weeks ago & recognised some of the names of others from the Quilt Down Under group. There were some magic show & tell items, hopefully I’ll manage to finish something to show next time.

My gf Lynne managed to get a day off work last Friday so she picked me up & we headed for Gail B’s shop at Bayswater. I LOVE this shop, it has the biggest range of fabrics I’ve ever seen, the prices are good & the staff very friendly. What more could you ask?? I took some of the purple fabric I’m using in my Kaffe Fassett quilt in the hope of finding more as I’d run out. I bought the fabric 2 years ago, so wasn’t too optimistic, I was over the moon to find they had it in stock!!!! I also chose a gorgeous turquoise hand dyed fabric to use as the triangles between the hexagons on the KF quilt. I was going to use KF fabric but thought it might be a bit much. I was looking at a friend’s sisters blog & she’s doing a hex quilt in KF & has turquoise between the hexes & it looks stunning.

turquiose Pretty!!!!!

Also picked up some black & whites, & some red & whites, to add to the collections. Dug out all the red & whites I’ve been collecting & got them all washed & ironed. I’m thinking of making a simple quilt-as-you-go quilt for the spare room.

red & white Yummy!!!

I have so many projects on the go & planned at the moment so I need to get the room sorted so I can get stuck in. Then maybe I can put up pics of projects I’m working on instead of all my retail therapy!!!!

There has been some progress in my sewing room, 3 walls are painted, which allowed me to fill those walls with shelves & start unpacking. We finally remembered to get some gyprock to fill in the hole where the bar was on the the 4th wall.

wall wall2

Now you see it, now you don’t. Now for paint!!

We also ripped up the tiles & baseboard in the ‘bar’ area.

floor3 floorThey’re now all gone!!! I managed to cut my finger & my thumb on the edge of the broken tiles, boy they are sharp. My thumb is too sore for hand sewing so I dug out a top I started knitting about 2 years ago & got stuck into that. I hate sitting & doing nothing.

I found some gorgeous curtains, I’ve hung them but they need to be taken up & pressed to look their best. I was going to put a few pics of the room in progress but I’ll wait until it’s all finished. Very soon hopefully!!!!

Today we headed off in search of timber to patch the hole left by the tiles. The timber is Jarrah, as suspected, & although the hardware store can get Jarrah they don’t have the width we want. Luckily they have it a little wider so we’ll have to buy it & trim it to suit. It won’t have a tongue anymore so we’ll have to use lot’s of glue to make sure it sticks. Luckily it’s only a small area.

We also spotted a shopping centre we hadn’t seen before & stopped for a look. I actually found 2 pairs of shoes I liked & that are comfortable. I’m not a shoe person, I hate buying shoes & don’t have many pairs so this was a real find. I was actually looking for brown but they didn’t have any to suit.

blue shoes purple shoes

DS says they’re daggy, but that’s ok coz I’m daggy & have daggy feet. I have orthotics so I have to find shoes they will fit in & still feel comfortable. I also finally found a pair of jeans that fit & they aren’t cut low to show off the tattoo above my butt that I don’t have, lol.


Then I spotted these boxes!!!! I couldn’t decide which ones to buy so I bought them all. They’ll go in my sewing room & store all sorts of goodies.

  skirt Also found this pretty wrap-around skirt, that’s looks much nicer in person. I’m thinking the purple shoes will look pretty spiffy with this skirt. :-) Gotta love the aubergine carpet in this house. It actually looks quite nice but shows every speck of fluff.

When dh bought this house the agent told him there’d been little or no rain for a long time. Since we moved in it’s rained nearly everyday. Heavy, torrential rain & gale force winds!!! I wish I’d had my camera with me today, there’s a huge puddle in the front yard of a nearby house & swimming happily in it was a duck. So I think for now the drought is over.

P1010606 My fave mag arrived today. I’ll save it up for some bedtime reading/drooling. :-))))

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Linda said...

Ooh! Such fun to read about all your doin's. You sound like a very happy girl, out and about with friends and making new ones. It sure sounds as though it wasn't a bit difficult to uproot and try a new place.

Nice work on your sewing room remodel. How good that you could take out that bar. You'll have a lovely space for creating and I can't wait to see pictures of the finish.

Those shoes are not "daggy." And your skirt is adorable. Did you know that Marie-Madeline Studios has created a wonderful 12-gore skirt pattern like that? It's so easy to make! I invested in the pattern and have already made two of them (see my blog). Now, whenever I find myself in a fabric shop, I'm looking for SKIRT prints!

Thanks for sharing about your new life as you're "happily paddling with the ducks!"