Thursday, 15 March 2012

February Books

Oh dear I am running late with this. I haven’t just been sitting on my bum doing nothing…. well actually I have been sitting on my bum doing nothing, but it’s time to get my life kick started again & this is a start!!!


Only 3 books this month, slack!!!! Just way too much stress to deal with, I probably should have just stuck my head in a book instead of sitting around brooding over things I can’t control.

Under Gemini by Rosamunde Pilcher was an easy read, I was feeling a bit disappointed as it was just way too predictable when it took nice a nice twist. It did finish rather abruptly I would have liked it to go on…… It would make a good film. :-D

Daughters-In-Law by Joanna Trollope, bad choice for someone who had the mother in law from hell but it was a good book though several characters definitely needed a slap.

The Sunday Philosophy Club by Alexander McCall Smith or as my dh insisted Alexandra Nicole Smith, lol. I was expecting great things as I really enjoy the Scotland Street series, but this was a little lightweight. I read where the later books in the series are much better so I would definitely give them a go.

Not much of anything going on around here currently, I’m thinking of putting up LOST posters for my mojo if it doesn’t turn up soon. I’ve been doing a lot of vintage shopping lately & I really need to start cleaning & painting all the stuff rather than just adding to it. I’ve applied for a stall at a local vintage shop so fingers crossed I won’t be on the waiting list for toooo long.


Marg H said...

Thanks for your update - I've been looking forward to seeing what you have been reading. You've given some good titles so far this year - thanks. Hope you find your mojo. Nothing worse! Good luck with the stall.

Linda said...

It's always good to hear your book reviews. Thanks very much to them! As for your mojo, I'm sorry to know life is dragging at you. I'm grateful that I haven't had that myself, for quite some time now, but I do know how awful it can feel. I hope you find something to spark your enthusiasm again. You always have such interesting doin's in your blog posts. Feel better.

Jan Quigley said...

Thanks ladies. Marg I have some great books lined up to read. I've become quite addicted to browsing the op shops for books & I always find a few.
I've started sorting through the bits & bobs I've been collecting for the stall which makes me realise I'll need a lot more stuff.
I just need to push myself harder to get moving again. It's easy to sit & ponder, hard to get out there!!!