Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Live Below the Line – Challenge

My gorgeous boy Rowan has signed up to live on just $2 a day, for 5 days, from May 7th to 11th.


Rowan says, ‘I've decided I'll be taking part in the Live Below the Line challenge this year to help spread awareness that 1.3 billion people every day are living with not enough to eat to satisfy their stomachs needs. Please donate :)

If you’d like to donate a dollar or $2 (or even more :-D), to sponsor Rowan please click the link, you can pay with PayPal.

We’ve been checking out the price of the more filling foods, & living on just $2 a day, & not being hungry, is going to be quite a challenge. We’ll post a pic of the food we buy with just $10 to last 5 days.

Thank You!!!!!

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