Monday, 4 June 2012

May Books


3 this month, & yes one you’ve seen before, Homespun Style by Selina Lake, but now I’ve actually read it. You see I didn’t realise there were words, lol. I just couldn’t get past the pictures, then I read on someone’s blog about what great info there was in the book, & I’m like, ‘There’s words?????’ & yes besides the gorgeous pics, & the blurbs for the pics, which I had read, there is actually text & very interesting text. I’ve taken a few ideas from the book & applied them to my sewing room which I will blog about tomorrow. I absolutely LOVE this book.

Book 2, ‘A Rural Affair.’ Well you know when our main character's dh gets wiped out by a block of blue ice dropped from the toilet of an EasyJet that this book is going to be a little different. I enjoyed it, I’ve read a few Catherine Alliott books now, & though this isn’t my fave, it’s good. A few little twists & turns & some good laughs.

Book 3, Jack Duckworth, now if like me you ‘re a HUGE Corrie fan, that’s Coronation Street for the uninitiated, then you’ll know Jack. This was a really interesting read, an autobiography of Bill Tarmey, the actor who played our Jack for many years. It’s a nice balance of his personal life with little snippets of the Street thrown in. I really enjoyed it. I was actually born the same year Corrie started & I grew up watching it with my mum.

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Linda said...

As always, I appreciate your book review. Though I try to find them here in the US, it isn't always possible. Still, I like to know about them. They're written on a list I carry with me all the time. Thanks!