Sunday, 8 July 2012

June Books

Just 2 books this month but both were very good.


I’m not sure I would have enjoyed The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency so much if I hadn’t watched & loved the series. It was very easy reading as I was able to picture all that was happening. I really like it when a series or movie follows the storyline of a book closely. I’ll never understand why someone would decide to turn a book into a film/series & then totally change everything about it. What’s the point? Just start fresh with a new idea instead of just taking the name & the very bare bones of the story. So a big thumbs up for this book, I’ll be buying more in the series.

I thought I had read Anne of Green Gables before but I soon realised I hadn’t. I really enjoyed it, it’s a bit ‘sweet’ compared to my usual reads, & I followed it up with a nice Ruth Rendell’s Wexford, but I did enjoy it & I’d love to watch the series again.

I have been doing quite a lot of sewing lately, I’m still trying to catch up on the ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ quilt & have achieved quite a bit. I’m also hoping to get a quilt finished for Rowan this week. I was actually making it for his 15th birthday, but just didn’t get there & it was put aside. I got it out a couple of weeks ago & there was one bit he didn’t like, so I changed that & got stuck in. It’s his 16th birthday next Sunday so I have a deadline!

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Anonymous said...

I grew up with Anne, and am surprised you hadn't read it before. Love those books! I have an online friend who holidays regularly at PEI, and am so jealous every time I see that she's been there!

I also love Precious Ramotswe - I read the books before seeing the series (which I bought last holidays).

And Rowan cannot possibly be 16. I refuse to even consider such nonsense. Happy birthday to him, and also belatedly to you. I tried to get on to Facebook, but it's been playing up dreadfully for me recently.