Sunday, 14 October 2012

SKoW Update

I have been making slow but steady progress on my 'Some Kind of Wonderful' quilt.

 I have finished Rows 1 to 3 & part of row 4.

Nearly all the other blocks are finished or close to it. I’ve written ‘Rise & Shine’ on my sun block. Mum used to wake me with that phrase every morning, drove me bats, but now it makes me smile. She’ll laugh when I tell her. :-) I can’t help thinking the sun looks liked a fried egg, hopefully when all the rays are embroidered it will be ok.
I’m not doing the butterfly block, it doesn’t grab me but I haven’t decided what to do in it’s place.

I’ve also made my top & bottom strips, the strips to go between rows 4 & 5, & the strips for the right hand side are nearly done.

So I’m working away, my aim is to have my top done by the deadline, in 17 days! & maybe even layered ready for me to quilt. 

I've finally installed Fireworks so I can process pic again & can blog!I I will catch up the books I've read soon.

For some reason Windows Live Writer won't recognize this blog so I have to compose my posts in Blogger which can be very frustrating!!!


Linda said...

What a cute quilt you're making! I've never heard of this pattern, but I think it's a BOM. Yes? The embroidery is so pretty. I sense you're enjoying yourself with this one. Great!

Julie said...

'SKoW' I'm very envious! It's just beautiful and your work is just perfect!