Friday, 8 August 2014


Well I've started on the gypsy blanket & it's looking quite pretty. The blocks are smaller than I'd imagined, which is a good thing because they are quick to make, & I feel like I'm making progress. 

I finished the first 9 squares & laid them out, I then decided to join them, like a patchwork 9 patch, I'll continue doing this & then join the blocks. I'm choosing either warm or cool colours for each square & will sew them up alternately warm/cool.

I definitely need to get some orange wool, although it looks like there is orange in the pic there are 2 reds & a pumpkin. I want a bright orange. I also need a lot more of the grey wool!

Rowan needs a Dr Who #4 costume. First up I knew I'd need to make the scarf. There isn't time to knit one, it's 12' long, lol, so I'm going to make it out of polar fleece. I went to Spotlight & sourced some of the colours, but they had a very limited range of plains. I'll check out Lincraft tomorrow, hopefully they'll have the others I need. The challenge will be to find a hat!

I also bought the fabric & pattern to make the vest/waistcoat. I haven't done any dressmaking for years & I'm looking forward to it. I've bought a few patterns lately, mostly vintage style dresses, & I'd like to make some clothes again. I was making my own dresses when I was 12, mum was a keen sewer & taught me. These days her eyesight is poor, but she still makes bags when the mood takes her.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jan Dr Who is one of my favourite charactors,have fun making the outfit up.xx

Jan Quigley said...

Thanks Shez, we're keen Whovians. I'll admit my interest was sparked by David Tennant. :-D