Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Finally back blogging, again!

I did it again, locked myself out of my blog & today, with the help of ds, I finally got in again.Yes I'm writing down how I got back in. :-)

So what's been happening all these months? Well I have been busy & I will show you a few things I've made. I won't try & catch it all up in one post though.

Last year I started a monthly sewing group in my home to make quilts for Aussie Hero Quilts. These are the three quilts I've made so far.

This quilt was pretty quick & easy, well as quick & easy as a quilt can be! I used this tutorial:


The best bit, no triangles!, It's a very clever technique & I can definitely see more zigzag quilts in my future.

Things I will be blogging about to catch up:

I've also been busy crocheting this year. I'll take pics of some of the things I've made in daylight & show you.

Pics of the Alice in Wonderland party we had for my birthday.

Our new bathroom, we finally ripped out the old bathroom to deal with the leaky shower & almost have a beautiful new bathroom.

I'm so glad to be back!


Bev C said...

Hello Jan,

Love that quilt with the Aussie flag on it.

Happy days.

Lesley Gilbert said...

I couldn't remember when I added you so decided to look at your past posts. I got as far as your Miniature Quilt Shop and spent 15 minutes looking at all the photos - I was amazed at all the details you put into each item. You must have really enjoyed making each piece and working out how to do it all :)