Saturday, 31 May 2008

Day 2
Well today was a lot easier. What a difference when you can actually see where you are going!!!!
I concentrated on all the 'in the ditch stitching' today.
There are quite a few colours in the quilt so I had to change thread a lot to match each section.

Came up with a few more tips today:

1.Make sure you always have a cup of tea or glass of water at hand & take sips often. No you probably won't actually dehydrate while machine quilting but it does mean you will be forced to take regualr breaks for bathroom trips!!!

2. Be careful when choosing music to quilt by, classical works well. I started out with Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Enya was suitable though the cat actually left in disgust when I started to sing along. Honestly, everyone's a critic!!! Now I started to come unstuck with Phil Collins as I found it rather tricky to sew a straight line while dancing in my chair to Phil. ELO worked better as I tended to just sing rather loudly rather than dance.
3. Do set an alarm if you have to go out & pick up ds from the bus at a set time, it's easy to get carried away.
4. Try not to get into too many deep & meaningful thoughts it was only after I'd sewn about 6" of red thread on the blue section I realised what I was doing.
5. Don't bother putting a heater on if the rooms a little chilly you'll soon warm up dragging the quilt into 5000 different positions as you sew.
6. Do think seriously about putting your name down for the weight lifting in the upcoming Olympics, dragging said quilt around is not for the faint hearted or weak.
7. Back to those breaks you really need to have so as not to get stuck in the one position. I find putting a block of chocolate on the other side of the room means I have to get up every so often for a fix.
8. Do wash your hands after a chocolate fix :-)

love, Molly

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