Saturday, 31 May 2008

Day 3
I actually planned to have a day off quilting today, being Saturday ds is home so it's a bit hard to secretly work on his quilt. Dh & ds were off to see the new Indiana Jones movie, again, & I thought I might do some shopping.

Going back a few weeks, I decided to do a HUGE de-cluttering of the house. Now I'd reached a point where the loungeroom was absolutely full of things to go. I actually have more cupboards to sort through but couldn't fit anything else in the loungeroom!!! This week we finally tracked down a charity that actually takes your unwanted things & gives them to people who need them rather than putting them in a shop. It always seems a bit pointless selling things off to raise money that then goes into running the shop, far better to just give the things to people in need. A man arrived with a trailer to pick up the stuff but after making two trips carrying bags he said he couldn't do any more as he has heart problems. We have a steep drive & two lots of stairs to get up to the house, so I continued carrying bags & boxes down to him until dh got back from taking ds to tennis. We really had a huge amount of stuff to go & by the end of it I was totally exhausted!!! I have fibromyalgia so I don't have a huge amount of energy or stamina. By the time I finished my legs felt like I'd run a marathon so wandering around the shops was not an option.

So, I took myself out to my sewing room settled down with a couple of dvds & set about tying off all the threads on the back of the quilt & sewing them in. After that I started on the hand quilting. The time flew by & as soon as I heard dh drive in I had to quickly fold up the quilt & put it to the side. I had time to watch Towards Zero, a Miss Marple mystery & half of Harry Potter & the Philisopher's Stone, for the umpteenth time, before the boys got home. I've found it's best to 'watch' something you don't actually have to look at while sewing.

I can't believe I put this off for so long, I'm really enjoying working on it & I have enough UFO's to keep me off the streets for a very long time!!!!!

Just lately I've been working on my family tree. I started doing this a couple of years ago & every so often I get keen to do some more research. I found a web site the other night with a huge amount of information on it about my mother's father's family. I now have 1324 people listed on my tree, with many more to add. I feel quite humble to have only had 3 children when it seems so many of my relatives had up to 14 children. I guess with no TV & no laptops they had to do something to pass the time!!!!! I certainly admire their stamina but don't envy all the hard work that would have been involved in raising so many children with none of our mod-cons.

love, Molly

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