Saturday, 4 June 2011

May Books


I’d wanted to read Where the Heart is for a long time, after seeing the movie. Yes it’s the one where the girl lives in Wal-Mart, great book & the movie was very close to the book which I always love.

Murder on the Leviathan was different, translated from Russian, our hero is Poirot like. A whodunnit that had me guessing till the end.

The Chestnut Tree, set in WW2, telling it like it was, how lives were changed, happy, sad, some romance, a good read.

Winter Solstice, now I bought the dvd for this a few weeks ago, & I thought the story sounded familiar, but when I looked, I didn’t have the book, I must have borrowed it from the library. The next week, while browsing the books in an op shop, what do I find??? Winter Solstice, great timing, now I’ve reread the book, I’ll watch the film. I really enjoyed the book but it ends too soon. I googled to see if there was a sequel, there is & there isn’t. There isn’t a sequel for the book, but there is one for the film, called, wait for it, ‘Summer Solstice.’ So I’ll keep an eye out for it.

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Love Bears All Things said...

read your post about the idea...I hate wasted space...someday I'll show my pantry when I get around to taking photos again.
I loved the book "Where the Heart is" and I've read it more than once and saw the movie. I recently read a new book by Billie Letts.
I've always loved Rosemunde Pilcher. Don't remember this one though.
Happy Reading,
Mama Bear