Saturday, 4 June 2011

We Revamped the Pantry

Our last kitchen was brilliant coz we designed it to suit us. Now this kitchen is a much nicer looking kitchen, but it’s smaller & the pantry  has been a challenge since day 1. Firstly it’s a triangle??? & secondly they just didn’t use the space to the best advantage. Last week I’d had enough, & announced the pantry was the next project, so that’s where some pine & a tin of paint came in.

Before: what a mess!!!!!

before - full2before - full

Then you look to your left & see… a blank wall. There’s only a couple of inches behind the door frame but enough space to put a shallow shelf that will hold tons of stuff.


Such fun living off the dining room table for a week.

after - empty

The old shelves with a lick of paint, finally banishing the one very poorly applied coat of ‘builders’ paint.

after - empty all

The new shelves in place.

after - full leftafter - full all

After: all sorted. Woohoo, spiffy. Smile

btw the blue looks quite sedate in the pics, it’s really quite bright, a little brighter than I intended, but it’s certainly a huge improvement.

One more project to tick off the list. What will be next??????


Sweet Pea said...

Wow Jan, this looks great! When we built our house eleven years ago, the builder tried to talk us out of a walk in pantry. Well, I can tell you it was the best thing we've ever had. Our daughter & grand daughter are moving out next week and the pantry will be the first 'room' to get a super clean out. I can see we will be living off the dining table too!!!

Julie said...

What a huge project! You've done a fabulous job, although I think you need to cook some cakes to finish off!

Jan Quigley said...

Walk in pantrys are great fancy the builder trying to talk you out of it, Sweet Pea! It's nice to get it all emptied & sorted. Having moved last year there wasn't much to throw away.
Julie, Rowan made a chocolate cake yesterday afternoon. He cooks something every Saturday coz Emma usually comes down on Sundays.

Ramona said...

Wow Jan, You did a fabulous job with that pantry!! Brillian idea with wwhat would nomally be wasted space. We're doing our pantry at the moment and you've given me and idea as well. Will go and check it out to see if it's going to work.