Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Summer Mantle

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Ta-da! My first mantel for 2012. I don’t plan to post a heap of mantle shots this year like I did last year, but I’m so pleased with this one I thought I’d share. The picture was my birthday pressie last year & I’d planned for it to go in the bedroom but it looks so good here…….. Btw it’s called, ‘The Sea Hath it’s Pearls.’ We bought the candelabra at our fave vintage shop last week & the cute garland is from Spotlight. They had it with red, pink or cream roses.

We are currently making over our foyer, lounge & dining rooms & I will post pics when they are all done. There has been lot’s of furniture moving, lot’s of cleaning & sorting, & lot’s of huffing & puffing, but it will be all worthwhile.

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Marg H said...

That looks fantastic - I used to do things like that in my home! One day, again, I hope - when the kids are a bit older! Meanwhile, I can enjoy yours - look forward to seeing more pics of your re-decorating.