Monday, 2 January 2012

Books I read in 2011

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48 books! not bad. Next year I’ll see if I can make 52, one for each week of the year & it would also be 1 for each year of my life. :-)

I enjoyed them all. There were a few I’d read before but not many, most were new reads.

My first book for 2012 is Kate Morton’s ‘The Distant Hours.’

I will continue to blog the books I read this year, I’m really pleased some of you are looking for some of the books I’ve mentioned. This year I’ll also list the author, as it’s not always easy to read the spines in the pics. I tend to pick up books in op shops, the $5 bookshop, Big W & sometimes The Book Depository. They aren’t as cheap as they were now that Amazon bought them out, but there are still bargains & free postage anywhere in the world. I don’t ever pay top dollar for my books, I read too many to be able to justify the expense!


Marg H said...

I would really love you to do that. I've been looking at your latest bunch and have been having trouble finding the builder/decorator ones. Will keep looking. Big W is a good spot - often look through there, but too out of touch with authors to know what to pick up!! So, would love to have your views. $5 Bookshop? Never heard of that one!! Looking forward to more posts.

Julie said...

What a fabulous collection of reading material. You have certainly set yourself a wonderful challenge, wishing you every success Jan.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Hello my dear! You are a winner of a pair of bag handle in the Monthly Make for 2012 draw. Please email me you address to thefeltfairy{at} love Annie xx

Sweet Pea said...

I still haven't been able to locate a copy of Poor Man's Orange, but somehow...I've got a feeling I've read this book...ah, age catching up...what do they say? One of the benefits of old age is reading the same book over and over...'cause you can't remember what happened the last time you read it?
All the best for 2012!