Saturday, 31 December 2011

December Books


A bit if a mixed bunch this month.

I started out with ‘Having the Decorators In,’ the sequel to ‘Having the Builders In,’ that I read last month. I really enjoyed it, it was great picking up with the same characters down the track a bit. It’s a very light-hearted tale with everyday problems of medieval times.

Who Killed Camilla? was a bit too trite & predictable for me.

The Love Knot was another great Charlotte Bingham book. The characters are well rounded & believable. There are three main characters & their stories are all very interesting.

Bridget Jones Diary, what a hoot, just as funny as the film I really enjoyed it. I’ll keep an eye out in the op shops for the sequel.

Ok now Watermelon is one of the funniest books I’ve ever read!! It’s my first Marion Keyes & I’ll definitely be tracking down more. Now the plot really isn’t comedic, the main character Claire has her first baby & the same day her husband leaves her for another woman. Now what is funny, is Claire’s family when she moves back to Ireland to get herself back together. I read in bed last thing at night while dh happily snores away beside me, the problem was I kept exploding with laughter & waking him up lol. Mind you when I read him the funny bits he laughed too. I especially loved that Claire’s mum is a soapy addict & especially loves Aussie soaps. One was referred to as ‘Down Drongo Way’ which sounded remarkably like ‘Home & Away’ to me, lol. 

I’m not a fan of Aussie soaps & I remember many years ago when mum used to watch Sons & Daughters, my dad referred to it as Sons & Dickheads, which seemed a much better name to me. I am however totally addicted to Coronation Street.


Julie said...

Thanks for sharing your reading material, I will see if I can get a cope of Watermelon, it sounds like my kinda book!! Happy New Year Jan!

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

Just popping by from the Monthly Make. Wishing you a creative 2012 xx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Sending you New Year Wishes for Health, Happiness, Success and creativity for 2012 xx

Marg H said...

I've been on line looking up these books - sounds great fun. Couldn't find anything on "builders" or "decorators" books - and they do sound like fun. I haven't read Marian Keyes either - but you've inspired me to try one. Agree absolutely about Aussie soaps - can't stand them!! Please keep letting us know what you're reading - I used to be an avid reader but looking after 8 kids seems to take away your recreation time and now when I think about starting a book I'm not even sure what author to google. I got an ereader for Christmas so hope to get back into it in 2012. Will look to you for continued inspiration. Thanks and have a great 2012.