Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Yule Pressies–Given & Received

Pressies I Gave-

emma's photos

I love these multi frames & decided to choose some of my fave Emma photos. They range from 1 month to 18yo, Emma’s Year 12 formal. Now she makes dodging the camera an art form so I rarely get a pic of her, lol. I think she really liked this gift.

Last year, before we moved, I took all our photos out of those awful ‘magnetic’ picture albums. You know the ones where you peel back the plastic & stick the photos to the backing page then lay the plastic back over. Some came out easily, some grrrrrrrrrrrrr, & most still have a sticky residue on the back. So choosing photos meant trawling through 100’s of loose photos, which resulted in a New Year’s Resolution – sort all the photos & get them in new albums.

sewing box for emma

I spotted this in one of the vintage shops I love & thought that Emma might just like it.

sewing box for emma 2

It was a little rickety & the timber brackets just weren’t in the right places for it to open properly. Dh took them all off & replaced them, so now it works quite well. I dragged out my old folk art paints & managed to mix up some paint to match the colour of the box.

I made all the pressies I gave for birthdays this year & had decided not to try & do the same for Christmas but at the last minute I decided to make some mug rugs to pop in with the gifts. They are so quick & easy to make & useful. First up I bought mugs to suit each person, then I made the rugs to match.

mug rug helen 1

For my friend Helen dogs, dogs & dogs.

mug rug helen 2mug rug helen 3mug rug lynne 1

For Lynne, I always think black & white looks pretty spiffy & Lynne’s pretty spiffy so……..

mug rug lynne 2mug rug nana 3

Now Mum is really a pretty, pastel person but Paul spotted this mug & it’s just perfect. ‘Time for Tea’ with a cup of tea on it, ah made for Mum, the original tea addict. I used to tease her about it but now I can’t live without my tea, so I get it!!!!

mug rug nanamug rug nana 2mug rug yun mi 1

For Yun Mi, my nephew’s lovely wife & a total cat lover. Unfortunately her mug was smashed in the post. I wrapped it in the mug rug, bubble wrapped it, tissue wrapped it, xmas paper wrapped it & packed it in a box with all their other gifts & still it arrived in pieces. Fortunately I was able to get another mug the same which I will post this week & keep my fingers crossed!!

mug rug yun mi 2mug rug yun mi 3

Pressies I Received-

pressies from emma

Pressies from Emma. A bit of a laugh giving me a cookbook as I don’t cook, but it is absolutely gorgeous with great vintage pics & all the recipes I remember from the 60’s & 70’s & I ‘may’ just be tempted to do some cooking. :-)

The quilting book is magic & I’ve already started one of the projects which will hopefully be finished to be a gift for my friend’s birthday in less than 2 weeks!

Love the Union Jack cat doorstop & the polka dot plates will be great in Lucy our vintage caravan.

pressies from rowan

Books from Rowan, cool.

pressies from friends

Love the felt book from my nephew & his lovely wife & twin pack of novels from my df (dear friend) Lynne.

pressies from paul

Pressies from dh. Ah a boxed set of my fave comedy ‘Jam & Jerusalem.’


Marg H said...

Beautiful gifts. I got into Mug Rugs, too. They are so much fun to make and so quick! My photos sound like yours - many years ago I was quite vigilant about getting them into albums in order with some notations on the side (or sometimes the back of the photo - where, who, when, etc.). Then I got introduced to scrap booking so I stopped doing what I had been doing and started scrapping them. Takes a lot longer! So now I have photos everywhere. They say God gives you so much to achieve before he takes you and if he has scrap booking on my list, I expect to live to about 450!! Good luck with organising yours.

Linda said...

Great gifts - both given and received! I sure understand what you're saying about photos in albums. I'm needing to do some major purging in anticipation of a move after 22-1/2 years in the same house. A bit of that involves reducing more than 20 photo albums. We've decided to removed pictures from the albums (if we can get them out) and use a special machine to scan and digitize them to the computer. Hope it works! Thanks too for sharing the books you'll be reading. I'm on the lookout for the Kate Morton one.

Julie said...

It doesnt surprise me that you received a lovely array of gifts, because you gave a lovely array of gifts!Looks like a fun time to come for you with all your loot!