Friday, 2 December 2011

November Books

novemberA mix this month.

I have some stuff going on in my life at present that makes it very important that I have time to escape into my books! That’s why I’ve read a few more than usual this month.

The Ruth Rendell, Babes in the Woods, was as good as always. I love the way there is so much going on, including lot’s of Wexford’s home life.

The Ex-Wives was an interesting story as a girl meets an older man & decides to investigate all the women who’ve been in his life before her.

A Change in the Lighting tells of how a woman adapts her life after her husband of over 30 years suddenly leaves her for another woman. It’s interesting to see how she deals with the situation & how the family reacts to the change in circumstances. I like it when books are set in areas I know, & this one is set in Sydney.

Jumping the Queue is a sometimes humerous book that I really enjoyed but I have to admit I didn’t like how it ended.

Having the Builders In is a fun book set in Medieval times & just shows that things haven’t changed when it comes to the reliability of builders, lol. I’m currently reading the sequel, Having the Decorator’s In, & it’s just as good.

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Linda said...

I always appreciate your monthly book reviews. I look for the books in our library - and usually can't find them! - but keep the titles on a list in case they're ever published here in the US. Thank you!

Love what you did with the nine-window shelf (an earlier post). It's adorable. Makes me think to re-think being creative whenever I come across a piece I don't particularly like. Just ask myself, "How can I make it better?" Your piece is inspiring!