Tuesday, 7 February 2012

January Books


I started the new year with The Distant Hours, which I blogged about earlier. I gave up on it but when I finished a book, & couldn’t be arsed going to look for another one late one night, I went back to it. After all it had to get better right? Wrong, lol. So it’s finished, yay, it was total rubbish. I think the authors motto was, why use 1 word when you can use 20! Then when I finally uncovered all the secrets, I wanted to cover them all back up again.  Just a group of stupid, weak, selfish, nasty characters. I’ve had more than enough of those sort of people with my in-laws, who now thankfully are  out of my life permanently.

My next choice was Death Comes to Pemberley. I’d read mixed reviews, no it’s not Jane Austen, but it’s a fun read & I enjoyed it. I don’t go into a book expecting or looking for brilliance, just pleasure & escapism, & it delivered.

I hadn’t read a Fay Weldon before but I knew her work from her books that have been adapted for tv. The Spa Decameron was certainly different, a group of women who choose to spend Xmas & New Year in a Spa & then tell their stories. Interesting, some nice woman & some nasty woman, just like real life, lol.

I can’t resist a Ruth Rendell Wexford & this one didn’t disappoint. I like Wexford & his wife, I like his sidekick Mike Burden, they are good solid 3 dimensional characters. It was a good murder mystery & kept me guessing.

I’ve been very quiet with my blogging lately, I have been busy sewing & will blog about my latest project soon, which is, ‘Some Kind of Wonderful.’ I’m part of the Stitch a Long blog group & I’m madly trying to catch up. We were supposed to start in December but I was just too busy & didn’t get going till late January.


Julie said...

Nice to find you updating your blog. You are certainly an avid reader....I will keep my eye out for any of your suggestions when next I'm looking for a good read. Thanks!

Polly Dolly said...

Hi Jan

Just finished a great book called the "Room" by Emma donoghue. Its had great reviews too. I thought of you when I had finished it xx

Jan Quigley said...

Thanks Julie. Clare, I'll keep an eye out for the Room. My books to read pile continues to grow. Yesterday dd Emma gave me a boxed set of Maeve Binchy books. Some I'd read, but most I hadn't. :-)