Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My Monthly Make for February

Just made it, lucky it was a leap year & I got an extra day, lol. I seem to be running a race at the moment & just can’t see the finish line.

Well I had all sorts of ideas milling around in my head for this month’s make & I did actually start one, I cut a lot of fabric but that’s where it stopped.

Monday I decided I just had to choose a project & get on with it. A bag, cool, nah, then I checked out our host Annie’s blog (The Felt Fairy) & found that her Monthly Make was making rather a lot of very yummy cakes. So it didn’t actually need to be crafty, hmmmm.

Back to the drawing board, dragged out some books, oh what a chore having to trawl through craft books & mags, haha. Then I decided to make the gorgeous pincushion in the ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ book I’m making a quilt from. Ok that’s doable, got everything ready, started sewing……..but the seed was sewn, it doesn’t need to be crafty, so…

What I’d really like to work on at the moment is making the little sitting area I use, cute & cosy. Well that is making something, & it beats ‘making the bed,’ which I considered using or ‘making a mess,’ a forte of mine.

So here are the results. I love it, I have more ideas but I’ve made a good start & it certainly is cute & comfy.before 1

Before – bland & boring!

after 1

After – cute & comfy!!

before 2after 2before shelves

Lego, well a small amount of it, I swear that stuff breeds!!

after shelves

I bought the gorgeous floral linen at a vintage shop recently, it was hemmed on four sides & I had no idea what I’d use it for. It is a touch small but I don’t mind. I sewed some cotton tape along the top edge to form a pocket to hang it.

The lace ‘curtain’ is actually an old tablecloth I’ve had since the year dot & remembered when I was lying in bed last night. What was truly amazing was that I found it!!!! It has holes along the top edge which I repaired as best I could then just threaded ribbon through to tie over the curtain rod.

I picked up the old birdcage while vintage shopping. I’ve noticed a few around, & they are so cute, & this one is that yummy ‘old’ green. I really don’t like caged birds, they seem so sad, but I do like the cages. I plan to make a couple of felt birds for my cage.

after shelves 2

Having a kettle upstairs is a bit of a luxury, saves trekking downstairs for a late night cuppa. I have a nice little collection of teas to choose from.

So that’s my Monthly Make & I’m very pleased with it.


As you can see Molly is quite taken with it too, she has claimed the back of the lounge behind me. When I got up this morning she’d thrown the cushion off the lounge & was curled up there. Of course it will mean a lot of quilt straitening, but that’s what have animals means. :-)


This is a close up of the painting on the wall. It’s really beautiful, ds Rowan spotted it at the vintage shop we were visiting last weekend & thought it would look nice in this area. In fact, that’s probably what prompted me to give it a makeover. Anyway it’s a lovely painting & it’s real, not a print.


Mary Ann said...

Hello...I'm visiting from the Monthly Makes Flickr group. I love your make over. Very bright and cozy. I really like your tea area...that's a very very good idea:)

Mary Ann said...

OMG...I just noticed your little Singer sewing machine...I had one of those when I was little. I got it for Christmas when I was seven:)

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

What a stunning make-over! Fabulous work Jan!

Jan Quigley said...

Thanks ladies, I'm so please with it, I can even see it when I'm sitting in bed.
Mary Ann I was 6 or 7 when I got my little machine. Mum's friend gave it to me as her girls were too old for it. I'm 51 & I'm not too old for it yet. It's one of my treasures, I love it & I loved the lady who gave it to me.