Monday, 7 May 2012

Live Below the Line – Day 1

I think Rowan has been looking forward to the challenge of living on less than $2 a day.

We shopped at Aldi on Saturday after talking about what would be the best value for money, & hopefully filling things to buy with his $10 for 5 days budget.

Here’s what we came up with:living below the line 1

half dozen eggs  $1.65

a pkt of pasta  $1.15

pasta sauce  $1.15

1.5kg of potatoes  $1.35

1 jar of strawberry jam  $1.39

a loaf of bread $1 – Coles

We still have enough money for another loaf of bread & a tin of baked beans.

The plan is that Rowan will have an egg on toast for breakfast, 2 jam sandwiches for lunch (no marg.), a baked potato with pasta & pasta sauce for 3 nights & a baked potato with baked beans for 2 nights. He is already feeling quite hungry not being able to come home to his usual milk & chockie bickies after school.

Please think about sponsoring Rowan to make his sacrifice worth while. Just a dollar or 2 would be wonderful. All money raised goes to education in New Guinea.

taken by Bart may 2012 1

Thank you!!!

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