Tuesday, 15 May 2012

April ‘book’


Oh dear I am slipping, just 1 book this month! Lucky it was a good one. Another Marion Keyes, this time Rachel’s Holiday. I absolutely love Watermelon by Marion Keyes & this book is about the same family, this time focusing on another of the crazy Irish sisters. Rachel is a drug addict though she doesn’t quite realise it until friends & family step in & march her off to rehab. No it’s not all laughs but it’s a great book with laughs & tears & a little romance. My favourite of the sisters is Helen & although she hasn’t been the focus of either book, she plays a big role in both.

My excuse for not reading a lot is I’m tired, Paul & I did quite a bit of stripping in March, furniture that is, & painting, & by bedtime I was worn out & only managed a few pages before nodding off. I will try & get some before & after shots of the things we’ve finished, up soon.

I’m doing a bit better this month with my book tally, with 1 book under my belt & another nearly finished.

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