Sunday, 11 November 2012

My Entry & a Quick Catch-Up

I've entered 'My Crazy Heart' wallhanging in a contest. If you like it the best, please vote for it. :-)

Life has been hectic here lately. I've redecorated the main bedroom & ds has moved in there. I've now emptied the study to paint & it will become the 'playroom.' A home for the Playstation etc. I'm slowly reorganising the whole house & I plan to get rid of as much excess stuff as possible. That includes a major clear out of all my excess quilt & craft stuff. After over 30 years of crafting, & over 20 years of quilting, my tastes have changed also my eyesight simply cannot handle some of my earlier crafts. It's going to take months, but I'm hoping that at the end of it life will be much simpler. 
Hopefully I'll have time to update my reading list soon & I really hope I can get Live Writer working again so I can post more easily & with the font I like!


Teresa F. said...

Lovely quilt. I love heart quilts. Just voted for you.

Jan Quigley said...

Thanks Teresa!

Lily Boot said...

Oooh I know what you mean about the tastes changing! My very first quilt in the early nineties has a debbie mumms fabric on the back - I truly cannot look at it without wincing. This quilt now lives in the linen cupboard :-) And of course, projects that were started more than 15 years ago, I look at wonder what was I thinking. Another reason for finishing what I start - at least then I stand a better chance at liking it for a bit :-) And I've voted for your lovely quilt!

Julie said...

My goodnes what a challenge... I keep rearranging my 'stuff' so it's neat and tidy.....? otherwise know as procrastination!!!!!LOL