Monday, 17 December 2012

November 'Book'


Only 1 book to report this month, not because I haven't been reading, but because I read this one then started on a rather LARGE book, which halfway through December I'm still reading. At nearly 1000 pages it counts as 3 books but you'll have to wait until December books to see what it is that I'm LOVING!

Now back to November, I treated myself to another Marion Keyes, I try to ration myself because I just love her books so much I don't want to devour them all in a row, lol. This one was no disappointment, it was great. I just sort of fall into a relationship with Marion Keye's characters, they're just so believable & interesting. 

This story revolves around the launch of a new woman's magazine & the different people who have been employed to make that happen. There's Lisa who thought she was being transferred to a New York magazine & is more than a little shocked to find herself in Dublin, Ashling who feels a little out of her depth as Lisa's assistant & her best friend Clodagh who seems to have the perfect life with her husband & children, but does she? Of course there has to be a man & is this case it's Jack Devine the magazine's managing director. Marian's books make you laugh, & make you think, & just give you a really good story. The only bad thing is that they end!

My life has been a never ending rollercoaster this year so I find books the perfect escape. I always read when I go to bed & it usually helps distract me from whatever drama I've been dealing with that day. It doesn't always work but quite often does. 

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