Sunday, 24 September 2017

Yummy Hand Knitted Socks!!!

Like a lot of people I caught the sock making bug. I never actually thought I'd be able to make a sock but with a little help from my friends, a wonderful pattern & tutorial from Winwick Mum, & a teeny tiny circular needle I did it, quite a few times in fact! They are super comfy & very warm.

Knitting socks had always been on my to-do list so I was glad when the opportunity came along. I find most things just fall into place along the way. My Mum knitted socks for the soldiers during WW2. She was still at school at the time, & she & her friends, would go the home of a lovely local lady in Goulburn to make socks, & also camouflage nets. 

My great aunts used to knit beautiful wool socks for my Dad, they lasted for many years, & Mum would darn them whenever necessary, the socks not my great aunts lol. Though they did also last for many years, the last of the four sisters who shared a home, passed away aged 103. Aunty Lal was such a character she was by far the worst driver I've ever been in a car with, but somehow we all survived. She went through life calling everybody 'Love' as I'm not sure she actually remembered anyone's name. She was always a lot of fun & all her great nieces & nephews loved her. Ah getting a little nostalgic, back on track...

If you'd like to have a go at knitting socks here is the link to get you started.

Grab a friend who is also keen as it's fun to sockalong together & help each other if necessary. There is also a facebook page where you can chat to other sock makers & get heaps of help & advice if needed.

I found that sock yarn is a bit addictive & I have quite a nice stash of it. 
These beautiful hanks were bought from a local lady who dyes the most exquisite colours.
Pauline has a facebook page, Wild at Heart Yarns, so you can check them out for yourself. (No affils. just a happy customer).

My 1st pair!

These 2 pairs of self-striping yarn, very clever & fun to work with, are made from Spotlight's Not Just Socks 4 ply yarn.

I'ts not always in stock, & the colours change frequently, worth keeping an eye out for as it it is nice to work with, & is suitable for any project requiring 4 ply yarn. 
It's especially good when it's on sale, that's when I grab a ball or 2. :-)

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Great socks.... You should be a pro now having made all those......