Friday, 16 July 2010


Well Birthdays for two of us this week. I turned the big 5-0 on July 14th, Bastille Day, which is apt as I have a love of all things French. :-) With Paul back in Narara this week we didn’t bother celebrating. Rowan & I have been having a Harry Potter marathon the last few days which is always good.

Then on the 15th Rowan turned 14. Wow does time fly!!!! This time last year he was off with his dad visiting his big brother Simon in Canada. That was a very lonely time with them both gone for 5 weeks but they had a great time & Rowan would love to return to Canada anytime!!!

He only decided the day before what he’d like for his birthday so we hit the shops on his birthday. Being new to the area we programmed the GPS & set off. We knew there was a shopping centre quite close but we didn’t realise how big it was. There is an EB Games so Rowan was happy & we were lucky to get the last copy of the Harry Potter Lego PC game he was after, it’s certainly keeping him entertained. I also bought him a dvd player for his room so he’s happy. :-)

We’re heading off to IKEA on Saturday with Emma so I’m guessing we’ll both treat ourselves to some goodies as we both LOVE IKEA!!!!

14th bday2

14th bday3

14th bday4

14th bday5

14th bday6

I think it was good. ;-)

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