Friday, 16 July 2010

Will It Ever be Finished???

I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms from not sewing for so long. I managed to find my Dear Jane supplies & made 2 blocks this week. Then I decided it was time to bring out a very long term project. This quilt is made from swap blocks from my online quilt group ‘Classics.’ We started at the end of January 1996 & are still going strong. This was our first swap & although I got the top together quickly I’ve never been a fast hand quilter. I’d quilted several blocks when I noticed the navy homespun sashing was fading, badly. Ugh I did what a lot of quilters would do, I threw it in the cupboard. Years later I dragged it out & replaced all the sashing without undoing the quilting I’d done. A bit fiddly but not impossible. By the time I’d accomplished that much I was distracted by another project & it went back in the ufo pile. Now I’ve got it out again & after quite a search I found my quilting threads & have started back on it. I’d really like to get it finished as I have a huge wall in the loungeroom crying out for a quilt.

I used to jokingly tell people I have ADD as I have difficulty sticking to the same project for very long, probably why I have over 40 ufo’s!!!! Then recently I read that ADD is a symptom of Fibromyalgia, oh light bulb moment, that explained a lot.

Anyway here it is & I’d love to be able to post another pic sometime this year or next showing it finished & on the wall. ;-)

Well I can dream. :-P


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It's lovely Jan