Friday, 23 July 2010

Fun Weekend!!

Saturday Rowan & I drove up to dd Emma’s.

robeowl driver

 owl tshirt owl tshirtclose

scarves mug

She gave me some gorgeous birthday pressies a patchwork robe, owl stick, owl t-shirt, 2 scarves & a mug..

Then she took us to IKEA. I love IKEA!!!!! I checked out the shelves I’d planned to put in the sewing room, they were ok but I saw some nicer ones that I think I’ll get. First I need to paint the room & then I need to remeasure to see how many shelves I can fit in.

Ikea fabric Barnslig lime white Hippos full 3 yd

Rowan found some fabric he liked & asked if I’d make him some curtains for his room. He hadn’t decided what colour he wanted so this made the choice for him.


image We then found a cool rug to brighten things up & Emma bought him a lovely quilt cover. First we need to paint his room then we can set him up. Hopefully next week I can post pics of the finished room.

owl We headed back to Emma’s for a cuppa then set off for DFO (direct factory outlets). There are some great shops there. Emma spotted this cute metal wall decoration at Typo & knowing how I love owls she dangled it in front of me. :-)

I’ve been wanting some new pj’s, the old ones have shrunk, lol, so I headed into Peter Alexander but they only had Summer stock in. Oh well.

Next EB Games where I found a new Murder mystery game. It’s one of those games where you have to find hidden objects & solve puzzles to solve the case. A total waste of time but they’re fun.

soup tureen Saved the best till last & headed into Provincial Home Living for a browse, they have heaps of gorgeous things. Then I spotted it, a soup tureen!!! Now I started searching for one this time last year when we were planning our Dinner at the Weasley’s dinner party. I couldn’t find one anywhere & when I asked in shops some didn’t even know what I was talking about!!!! Am I that old???? Anyway here was the perfect soup tureen that didn’t cost an arm & a leg & is actually the same design as the sugar & creamer I’d bought at the same shop when I was down here in January. So Pumpkin Soup will be on the menu as soon as I find the recipe.

pj top PJ Top

pj pants PJ Pants

owl apron Headed home & Rowan gave me a birthday pressie including some Peter Alexander pj’s!!! They are perfect for the Friday Night Sew-In which is on again this Friday. & an owl apron, are we noticing a trend??? Anyone would think I liked owls. :-))) It’s so cute I may even have to do some cooking so I can wear it!!!

Sunday & Emma came down & we headed down to a huge antique business at Tyabb. It has tons of different dealers with shops all under the one roof. It was cool outside when we went in but when we came out it was freezing. I have to get used to the lower temps.

The final truckload of stuff arrived Monday morning & we are once again surrounded by boxes & have pieces of furniture in random places. The garage is absolutely chockers & I have no idea where it will all eventually fit. Oh well at least there isn’t a deadline to have it all unpacked.

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Linda said...

Looks like you're settling in well to your new environment, as I'm guessing some of these purchases will help make your new house into home. It's great to see the fun you're having. Continue to enjoy.