Friday, 8 October 2010


Last week was a bit of a rollercoaster & I’ve never been one for rollercoasters so I would have preferred to give it a miss.

Last Saturday week we had a call from the estate agent to say he had an offer on our house. We countered & then agreed a price. It was nowhere near what we had hoped, & been led to believe we would get, but it meant we could move on & not have to make the decision of whether or not to let it.


Monday was a fantastic day as I met up with a dear friend I hadn’t seen for over 14 years!!!!! Lorna & I met when our kids were pre-schoolers, they’re now 26 & 28!!! We lived a few streets apart & saw each other all the time. Lorna then moved up to Qld. Lorna’s eldest dd lives in Melbourne so we’ll be able to catch up whenever she visits, yay.

Tuesday the house buyer had her pest & building inspections done & wanted to knock $15k off the price because the small section of retaining wall we didn’t replace, may need doing within the next 5 years???? The agent who turned out to be totally useless, said we should take it, fat chance. She then upped her offer by $10k, so $5k under the ‘agreed’ price because the builder said our sunroom wasn’t council approved. It was, & we emailed up the relevant documentation from the council. Again the agent said take it, take it. I said yes if you drop your fee by $5k to cover the shortfall. Hah he wouldn’t drop 1 penny. He said, ‘If you don’t take the latest offer the buyer walks,’ so I said, Tell her goodbye,’ lol. She came back to the original agreed price & we’ve now exchanged. You know the older you get the less crap you take from people. She is getting a great house for well below it’s true value & she should think herself lucky. Of course all this took days to sort out & was very frustrating & annoying.

Meanwhile, a close family member had a very serious health scare, so I was riding that one out too with sleepless nights as we waited for the test results. All was ok.

Friday things picked up as my friend Lynne came for a sleepover, it was nice sitting & chatting & knowing a really bad week was behind me. :-)

book wallhanging

Monday I started making a lap quilt for Mum for her birthday which is the 27th of this month. I bought a book at Lincraft last week, it’s gorgeous, & one of the projects in it gave me the idea. It’s actually a wall-hanging but by increasing the block size & adding more blocks it will make a nice lap quilt. I’ll put 2 Suffolk puff flowers on each panel as 1 looked a bit lonely on the bigger block.

 day 1 Tuesday Rowan finally started at Woodleigh & 4 days in he loves it & has made some new friends. His tutor rang today to say he was settling in well & that he was a lovely boy, I knew this but it was nice to hear it from someone else. :-)

oz fabrics Wednesday & I attended my 2nd Carrum Downs Quilt Group meeting. The ladies are very friendly so I did plenty of chatting. This month Leesa Chandler was there giving a talk on having her own fabric lines printed. Of course I had to buy some, just to be polite of course. :-))))

sound system

Yesterday we headed down to Chadstone for some retail therapy, I was after a sound system for my sewing room. I’d tried playing my cd’s through the dvd player but it doesn’t really work with an mono tv. Next dh bought in my old cassette player & rigged it up to play through the speakers. Ugh, I swear my ears were almost bleeding with the horrendous noise. So I bought a spiffy little system that plays cd’s, iPods (tho I don’t have one) & usb sticks which suits me fine. I need to put together a new music list & put on my stick. I prefer to play music in the sewing room coz if I put on the tv I get too distracted & get nothing done. I set it all up & it sounds great. In the time it took to play 1 cd I tidied the room, designed a Yule table runner & covered a folder.


A reminder our BOM Birth Flower is up on the website & will be there until the beginning of November.

Here are a few shots of my new sewing room. More next time.

shelves backwall2The back wall. 


A handy little nook behind the door. I’m not sure how many pairs of scissors or how many rotary cutters you need, but I think I have enough of both!!

chandelierYes I know, a chandelier in the sewing room. I bought it before we bought the house to go in the main bedroom. The main bedroom has a light/fan thingy & I know we’ll want the fan come Summer so into the sewing room it went. :-)

cushionCouldn’t resist this cute cushion for my office chair. 
Pretty & comfy.

Thanks if you stayed with me this long, this post has turned into a bit of a novel. :-)))


Julie said...

This post was just the right length as far as I'm concerned. Love your sewing room, especially the chandelier! Real estate agents and car sales people, agh! Most worried about their commissions not if the buyers/sellers are getting their best work! Hope all goes well with the sale now!

Bunny said...

Just found you from Esters list. I know exactly what you mean by the real estate agents they only work for themselves. I know they have to make a living but I think they think we are idiots at times LOL. Have a great day. Oh that guy who shouts on your blog startled me LOL>

Jan Quigley said...

Thanks Julie & Bunny. I think anyone who's ever bought or sold a house has a real estate agent story to tell. Funny, I've never heard anyone have a good thing to say about them. My dd is currently house hunting & has the heads up on not to believe a word they say.
Btw Bunny, what man shouting???
cheers, Jan